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Since I’ve accepted South Africa I’ve been invited on several other international speaking events that I plan to accept in the near future.

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Spoon on diced onions, cilantro and also a selection of salsa, which includes tangy, smoky tomatillo-chile de arbol or spicy tomatillo-jalapeo

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The risk of myopathy with other drugs in this class is increased if cyclosporine, gemfibrozil, lopinavir/ritonavir, or niacin is coadministered

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On the basis of clinical, haematological and biochemical assessments, and radiological imaging, there is no evidence that this patient has cirrhosis

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Also, now I’m really interested in any research on juice and Crohn’s flare-ups… I wonder if there is any

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Diet is an extremely important factor

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As far as psychologists are concerned, those that worry enough about their health to take to the web generally get absolutely zero comfort or hel

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You look at Berliners today, and you ask yourself what the fuss was about, 24 years ago

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