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Originally, when sumatriptan tablets were approved the maximum daily dose was 300 mg, but then it was lowered to 200 mg

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Re the reversibility of warfarin--in an emergency the fastest way to reverse is fresh frozen plasma transfusion

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A veces, estos vasos estrechados pueden obstruirse e impedir el abastecimiento de sangre alcoraz al cerebro provocando un ataque al coraz un infarto cerebral

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When you start taking Lotensin, be alert for a rare, but serious reaction

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But if it is working for you and hasn't given you diabetes and you are not overweight, you may want to stay on it

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HIV/AIDS patients will need to take itraconazole forlife in order to prevent the infection from recurring.

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Of awakenings occurring within 2 minutes of a hot flash, 55.2% occurred before, 40.0% after, and 5% simultaneously

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As with cattle, if a cow doesn’t feel comfortable in your company, it will withhold the milk

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