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”Pamela’ bulbs were planted as previously described and after three weeks of growth, when growth averaged 10 cm, a 120 ml PGR media drench was evenly applied to each pot

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To start your bulbs growing again each year, water thoroughly and don't water again until you see growth or the potting mix has completely dried out.

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The ITBS test is typically administered in the spring, however, is recommended for fall testing

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I am 50 now and have been a nursae for 12 years and it is really biothering me to thoink i may have to retire

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Metformin can also be sold as Glucophage, Fortamet, and Glumetza

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Although I suspected iodine deficiency in many of his patients, my initial uses of potassium iodide gave suboptimal results

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I had to stop taking Lipitor due to leg pain

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In order to evaluate whether this treatment is suitable for you, please fill in the medical consultation form accurately

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