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  1. careprovider responsibility?
  2. Depression and Suicidal Thoughts After Traumatic Birth
  3. where am i? where do i start?
  4. "Birth Without Violence" online!
  5. Resources - Pregnancy, Birth, Trauma & Personality
  6. Birth Rape article
  7. Phoebe photos: Foetal hydrops & Turner syndrome - STILLBIRTH PHOTOS GRAPHIC
  8. Birth trauma, PTSD
  9. caesarean babies/traumatically born babies different?
  10. Fear and birth
  11. Healing circle June
  12. birth trauma quotes from Sheila Kitzinger
  13. What's the definition of birthrape?
  14. Healing circle July
  15. Help need some info
  16. Healing circle August
  17. Healing Circle September
  18. What to say to a friend after c-section?
  19. traumatic birth suggestions for partners
  20. Choosing how we are born?
  21. Healing Circle October
  22. Australian thesis on birth trauma and PTSD
  23. Healing Circle November
  24. did you complain about your hospital experience?
  25. Ricki and Abby talk about their doco
  26. Birth trauma resources for support people
  27. Prepared for the second
  28. some birth trauma research
  29. Where did your traumatic birth happen?
  30. resources for dealing with birth trauma
  31. some birth trauma myths - feel free to add yours!
  32. birth trauma - do you have PTSD?
  33. Did you feel your c/s? Your episiotomy? Anything else?
  34. Oh my...the birth story...
  35. December Healing Circle
  36. Help with complaint to hospital please!
  37. My mother's birth rapes
  38. Healing the trauma: entering motherhood with PTSD
  39. Making peace with your birth experience?
  40. DH found freebirth completely traumatic
  41. January Healing Circle
  42. Are you glad you got your notes?
  43. for those of you whose ob wasn't at fault...
  44. Hospital notes
  45. Could it have been avoided...?
  46. Assistance with finding some peace...
  47. March Healing Circle
  48. April Healing Circle
  49. Birth Trauma Study in the UK
  50. women and suicide post-birth
  51. I finally got my notes
  52. Website for birth healing
  53. Can't get the words out of my head
  54. Not angry but I can't stop thinking about it
  55. Birth rape article/blog
  56. Weird freak-out
  57. my birth rape
  58. Dear Son... I'm so sorry...
  59. Stretch and Sweep
  60. where do i start
  61. What the fuck is a 'cornual tubal stump?'
  62. OB's comment
  63. Sad and sorry little whine
  64. A Day You’ll Never Forget—
  65. I Grieve.
  66. My "light bulb" moment :D
  67. self-imposed birth trauma
  68. If I knew then what I know now....
  69. Still struggling....
  70. Help! I dont know if I can do it again
  71. June Healing Circle
  72. Info On Postpartum Hemmorrage Please!
  73. Discovering hurt & dealing with it
  74. Stories about Birth Rape... after Penetrative rape.
  75. When did you realise your birth trauma had happened?