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  1. My story
  2. The Story, of me DP AND DS
  3. planning a healing ceremony - what did you do?
  4. “A Healthy Baby Isn’t All That Matters” *graphic warning*
  5. Do you understand this feeling?
  6. February Healing Circle
  7. Having a sad moment.
  8. I'll burst if I don't get this story out (I'm warn about triggers just incase)
  9. How childbirth caused my PTSD **trigger warnings**
  10. On the eve of my son's first birthday
  11. Henci Goer - Why are women stripped of their rights in labour and de.livery?
  12. March Healing Circle
  13. Looking Back
  14. This might be an odd question...
  15. Reaching out
  16. I need a space to discuss Sam's birth
  17. Panicking about scan tomorrow
  18. On this day six years ago my birth trauma was just beginning *****WARNING******
  19. I've ordered my medical records *birthannouncement* (yay!)
  20. DS's birth, *warning* possible triggers
  21. Helping Mr. Chickpea
  22. Women Have Right to Complain about Mistreatment During Birth
  23. May Healing Circle
  24. Starting to process. Preeclampsia caesarian
  25. Not just birth trauma
  26. Okay I admit it- I'm a birth agnostic
  27. June Healing Circle
  28. I'm an aunty with birth trauma
  29. Blame vs Responsibility
  30. Think I've finally found where I fit here...
  31. How do you make peace when birth doesn't go as planned?
  32. ‘You can drop dead’: Midwives bullying women
  33. Babel: The Voices of a Medical Trauma *birthrape triggers*
  34. Is a Papsmear common practice in pregnancy? **may have triggers**
  35. Could it happen at your hospital? **trigger warnings**
  36. August Healing Circle
  37. Sharing my story
  38. Baby's birth trauma 9yrs later + great EFT story
  39. did you complain about your birtn rape/trauma? PROCESSING
  40. Trauma from stitches
  41. I didn't think it was traumatic at the time
  42. episiotomy/forceps question
  43. September healing circle
  44. why did they take her away?
  45. Transfers - who is willing to tell me their story?
  46. How do you know if it's birth trauma?
  47. Found out about my birth
  48. On Birth Rape, Definitions, and Language Policing *trigger warnings*
  49. My daughter will be five in four days.
  50. "Why not just sue?"
  51. October Healing Circle
  52. Considering getting my hospital notes
  53. Images of Intervention
  54. How do you know?
  55. Book Recommendations
  56. My story ... **trigger warnings** Loss, depression, bonding problems and sleep clinics mentioned.
  57. Trying to let this trauma fly free: labour/******** and postnatal trauma. Yes, I have issues, lol.
  58. Obstetric violence: a new legal term in Venezuala
  59. Can't get the words out of my head
  60. I'm not a victim I'm F**king ANGRY
  61. I finally requested my records...
  62. why does't she get it?
  63. Putting it out there...
  64. Just got my birth notes from MW
  65. The other side of the glass
  66. No I Will Not Play Tug-O-War Said the Placenta
  67. Ruminating on my pregnancy and birth
  68. Twice this week...
  69. Birth trauma for DH
  70. Do we ever truly " get over it"
  71. My hospital labour/birth notes arrived in the post today...
  73. Episiotomy Indications (apparently)
  74. TRIGGER WARNING: Video showing birth trauma for babies
  75. Statute of Limitations