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  1. The myth of inevitable progression
  2. childrens memories of birth trauma
  3. May Healing Circle
  4. mothers day for the traumatised
  5. Birth trauma- recurring dream
  6. Speech I did at the Gloria Lemay event
  7. So anyway, it's been a while......
  8. Reading my Birth Story...
  9. "Well I'm stronger than you"
  10. I don't want to go to Hosp next time!
  11. Self Work.
  12. So I suppose this is normal?
  13. 10 years and I still cant get over it
  14. My sons birth and its effect on him 2 years on..
  15. June Healing Circle
  16. Some work I did on healing Connors birth
  17. How to talk to him about his birth
  18. Healing Ceremony
  19. Not my birth but still my trauma
  20. something to clear from my mind....ideas
  21. ptsd and therapy .. advice??
  22. Letter of Complaint
  23. hospital complaint letters
  24. Anyone got experience talking to a child about their birth when it was traumatic?
  25. I'm reaching someone!!!
  26. flashbacks
  27. I don't hate my IGG any more
  28. re-framing how i see my scar
  29. How open are you about your birth trauma?
  30. Oh but I wouldn't have let them.
  32. August healing circle
  33. found a counsellor/therapist/health practitioner who gets it?
  34. friend's pregnancy bringing up trauma
  35. More Than a Traumatic Birth - Birth Rape is Real
  36. Birth Story
  37. birth trauma healer - kinesiology
  38. Flashbacks today
  39. 38 week meltdown....
  40. Birthrape denial - a current fashion **trigger warning**
  41. Am I making the right decisions?
  42. Need advice
  43. September Healing Circle
  44. The Green Eyed Monster
  45. Really Struggling
  46. Our one year
  47. We're nearly 5 years on and the trauma still haunts me
  48. Why can't I write my birth story?
  49. How could I not have known!?
  50. Miscarriage Trauma or Birth Trauma??
  51. Caesar Baby
  52. My poor neighbour *warning trigger*
  53. What doesn't feel right, isn't - blog entry on birth trauma *trigger warnings*
  54. re-birthing
  55. October Healing Circle
  56. Cord & Placenta - my healing.
  57. One today....
  58. Emotional Impact of Caesareans
  59. scraped skin off my babys head, what did they use?
  60. My Story
  61. Second aniversary on the 16th October
  62. Need to heal
  63. Not being able to urinate during labour- is this 'normal' LONG contains part of my BS
  64. November Healing Circle
  65. December healing thread
  66. tell me about a motherway!
  67. Her birth has triggered my trauma..
  68. Birth Rape Art/Information
  69. I am torn
  70. This is my story
  71. Research help sought - fathers and traumatic birth
  72. breastfeeding post traumatic birth
  73. Not sure if this is birth trauma or normal mum stuff..
  74. January Healing Circle
  75. What do you say to someone who's had a traumatic birth but doesn't realise it?