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  1. Processing the c/s and the fuck up surrounding it.
  2. July healing circle
  3. What have you done to aid your healing?
  4. How did you feel when you had a "good" birth after a poor experience?
  5. The night I want to forget
  6. Handing over our power - the snowball effect
  7. Excellent article on birth and PTSD - one for sharing around!
  8. Writing a letter to my OB...
  9. In Hindsight...
  10. What birth trauma did your child sustain?
  11. Birthing again after birth trauma
  12. something that has been bugging me
  13. NCAD - Caesarean Hurts. Last minute sharing before tomorrow??
  14. August Healing Circle
  15. I need to start spewing this out
  16. Feeling anger towards my partner...
  17. Supporting a friend & question about the Mercy hos.
  18. My story - a bit of it anyway...
  19. participate in a new study about PTSD and birth!
  20. Healing after second unplanned caesarean...
  21. Working through the pain...part 1
  22. How did you gain confidence in yourself after BT?
  23. Totally raw even now, 16 months on - The Birth of Scarlett Neve, or "Sno"
  24. September Healing Circle
  25. feeling sad and disappointed
  26. My poor mother
  27. should i take the midwife/hospital to court for how i was treated?
  28. PTSD from caesarean on US TV
  29. defining trauma by feelings
  30. Ready to try & teach my knOb....what do you think?
  31. It can happen....
  32. Healing circle for October
  33. Suicide Intervention Skills?
  34. Chromosomal Defect
  35. Do you have a fakey, I was in denial birthstory?
  36. Any advice for getting my sister to deal with her birth trauma?
  37. Take a look and tell me what you see
  38. Healing Circle for November
  39. Trauma in early days.
  40. I had to work in birth suite...
  41. Trauma in waiting **updated**
  42. December healing circle
  43. January Healing Circle - Welcome Birth Trauma Awareness Year 2009
  44. 2009 - Year of Birth Trauma Awareness - community information
  45. Time to say it out loud
  46. Books for Healing from PTSD / Trauma
  47. Celebrating the day we were raped
  48. today is my six year anniversary.
  49. I can't seem to get past the guilt. Long
  50. Do you reopen a 30+ year old wound on someone else?
  51. Kaidans Entry to the world
  52. Getting sadder as his birthday approaches
  53. birth anniversaries
  54. Reply from hospy re my complaint
  55. I finally did it.
  56. Poetry or other writing sought
  57. Trying to write complaint letter...
  58. March Healing Circle
  59. Rape of the twentieth century
  60. Anger at what they did to her
  61. they are ready
  62. Pre-Eclampsia
  63. Where do you start?
  64. I just want those days back..
  65. More questions - Tugging the cord?
  66. Omar's Birth Story (long and slightly graphic)
  67. When will it go away?
  68. The day I was violated aka DD's birth day
  69. excuse me for being ignorant but Csection experts...
  70. birth trauma healing group, SA
  71. Unsure...
  72. He is 3 today. (loooong post...)
  73. I'm not the only one???
  74. One Path Towards Healing Birth Trauma
  75. Have you ever had an episiotomy?