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  1. Daycare .. first day ramblings
  2. Alternative schools in Melbourne - your experiences please!
  3. Board games ??
  4. any brisbane montessori parents?
  5. compulsory schooling and enrollment age
  6. introducing the Blue Mountains Home Education Network website!
  7. What to do? Where are we at?
  8. ABC Reading Eggs
  9. homeschooling book
  10. Starting homeschooling in yr 7?
  11. Just enrolled A in a new school!!!
  12. School?
  13. Schooling: The Hidden Agenda
  14. Feeling a bit guilty...
  15. The computer generation - Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants by Marc Prensky
  16. I'm Unschooled And Yes I Can Write Blogspot
  17. Interesting interview with Joseph Chilton Pearce.
  18. Does/did your child go to playgroups?
  19. food intolerance and school
  20. I was asked about homeschooling today.
  21. Tell me about Steiner
  22. How do you incorporate AP into Preschool/school?
  23. Adjusting to school
  24. For Anyone Who Assumes They Couldn't Homeschool....
  25. day care/pre-school/prep/kindy
  26. Beyond That's So Gay - challenging homophobia in schools
  27. Part time school
  28. reccommended schools on theGold Coast? Steiner?
  29. Bilingual families
  30. The Right to Control One's Learning - John Holt
  31. When the thought of home schooling becomes stronger
  32. Great poem
  33. Raven's testing - "gifted" students
  34. Cost of Education
  35. I Just Received A School Report For My DD (Who Does Not Go To School)
  36. How did you find the STAT test?
  37. What if it's just not working?
  38. Funny ideas about learning ***fluff***
  39. I know I'm getting ahead of myself but...
  40. Philosophy of Maria Montessori
  41. General (& Conservative) Home Education Article By Me
  42. Free ebooks at Project Gutenberg
  43. So I have taken the first step..
  44. Strategies to stay on track
  45. Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke
  46. Taking the plunge - Unschooling! *Eeek!*
  47. Starting school mid-year wise or unwise??
  48. Were you Steiner educated? Are your children Steiner educated? Some questions.
  49. Homeschool/Unschooling gurus can you help?
  50. Create your own tracing sheet - this is awesome!
  51. Senate inquiry into NAPLAN
  52. Am I stimulating/interesting enough to homeschool?
  53. Being the 'new kid' at school
  54. School Badly Failing My Nephew In WA With HFA - Request For Help & Support To HS
  55. National Online Homeschool Network
  56. Advice? Homeschooling or Financial Stability
  57. Australian Unschooling Conference Retreat, Setember 2010
  58. So confused about schooling
  59. “Unschooling”: A Movement?
  60. School Anxiety Advice...
  61. Questions to ask propsective school
  62. Did you or your kids go to a small school?
  63. Returning to study with no end goal, selfish?
  64. Steiner interview process
  65. Kids science sets?? Help?
  66. Ballarat Steiner School - know anything about it?
  67. The beauty of an unschooled mind
  68. Changing Education Paradigms - Interesting clip with great graphics.
  69. School/homeschool - are there alternatives?
  70. Home ed resource - Khan Academy (free online videos for maths & science)
  71. Unschooling/Life Learning chat thread
  72. The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher; by John Taylor Gatto
  73. Homeschooling/Natural learning blogs
  74. Tell me about 'unschooling'
  75. Religous books for kids?