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  1. Ethics classes disadvantaged: denied deductible donations
  2. The Dangerous Fragility of Men by Mary Anne Franks
  3. A little clicktivism for you - misogyny being passed off as entertainment
  4. The Mother Wound
  5. The right to ‘gender identity’: a clash with the rights of women By Professor Sheila Jeffreys
  6. Women and girls have a right to be free from
  7. Seeing Red Power And Female Anger by Suzanne Moore
  8. 800 Complaints to Press Complaints Commission Against Feminist: No breach. Offense is allowable :)
  9. M2F "the new battleground"
  10. Deconstructing PIV
  11. Empowered vs Powerful
  12. If Disney had honest titles
  13. How much impact does Barbie have on us?
  14. Consent and Cognitive Dissonance
  15. I understood gender discrimination once I added “Mr.” to my resume
  16. Gender swapped "Blurred Lines" video
  17. FGM vs MGM - a situation that should not arise
  18. any woman can be a lesbian
  19. The invisible men TW: prostitution, male violence
  20. Why Fred Nile's "Zoe's Law" should not get through.
  21. "On Sexism, And How Ridiculous It Is"
  22. Everyone's shouting at Miley...
  23. Cliteracy 101
  24. Forbidden Discourse: The Silencing of Feminist Criticism of “Gender”
  25. Meritocracy
  26. Rape? It's all your fault!
  27. some wanky Frenchmen demand the right to use women's bodies for their own enjoyment
  28. Foetal personhood and criminalising abortion: a prosecutor's perspective
  29. The Mass Murderer who wanted to kill Radical Feminists
  30. How to be a feminist according to stock photography
  31. Why Birth is a Feminist Issue
  32. MissLed The Book
  33. MRAs conspire to cripple college rape reporting system with false reports
  34. No Such Thing As Patriarchy?
  35. Violence, teenagers and gonzo pron *TW shocking male violence against women and girls*
  36. TW: sexual abuse of a child An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow
  37. Woman held in psych ward involuntarily gives evidence TW: child murder, suicide by abusive father
  38. An opportunity for young feminists to have their say - be quick, deadline this Sunday
  39. perpetrator-free crime - violence against women
  40. Don't get even, laydees, get mad! Clementine Ford IWD 2014
  41. “Sex-positive” feminism is doing the patriarchy’s work for it
  42. Mother Privilege
  43. Read this. Seriously. Letter to a Wish: To all the women who ever existed
  44. Examining "Not my Nigel"
  45. The motherhood penalty: It’s not children that slow mothers down
  46. When suits become a stumbling block
  47. *TRIGGER WARNING* Anti abortion free speech more important than women's rights
  48. Making abortion obsolete?
  49. That photo that is going around today
  50. Why are all the cartoon mothers dead?
  51. 100 ways Women are sexualised more than Men in today's society
  52. The truth about radical feminism
  53. SA - A woman is holding a 2 week vigil to highlight Salvos' abuse and cover ups
  54. How Porn Creates the John: Porn, Trafficking and the Social Construction of Masculinity"
  55. Disney deconstructed: A feminist watches Mulan
  56. Disney deconstructed: A feminist watches Mulan
  57. Is Beyonce a Feminist?
  58. Finnish speech on the Nordic Model for prostitution - super triggers for men's violence.
  59. Some light relief
  60. Is sex (with someone else) a human right?
  61. Changing our language around men's violence
  62. I am over it
  63. How To Lose Your Virginity
  64. Feminism, reproductive rights and forced sterilisation
  65. Regretting Motherhood
  66. What about men?: Challenging the MRA claim of a domestic violence conspiracy
  67. Transgender rights versus women's privacy
  68. Rachel Jeffs - woman brought up in polygamy who escaped
  69. Emotional labour - a Feminist Current podcast
  70. F2M resources
  71. My dad is a woman - pro trans British doco
  72. Strategies for getting hubby off his arse? Emotional labour and women's work.
  73. Why This Trans Woman Can't Identify With The Handmaid's Tale
  74. Neoliberalism and Patriarchy – A talk from FiLiA 2018 By Shahidah Janjua
  75. Love from the Land