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  1. Childcare rant
  2. Reclaim the Night and the continued invisibility of birthing women
  3. Gender baby
  4. feminist fashion doll?
  5. Cranky Venting re:boys and the colour pink
  6. *sigh* Why I won’t be talking about abortion as a “women’s issue” anymore
  7. Can you tell the difference between a men's magazine and a rapist? *TRIGGER WARNING**
  8. MWAC, WAHM, etc
  9. Patriarchy makes for some strange bedfellows
  10. A Message to Women From a Man: You Are Not "Crazy"
  11. 13 year old girl addresses ****-shaming!
  12. Princess Camp/Man Camp
  13. The pornification of men
  14. The Morality of Abortion
  15. Germaine, the PM and her "big arse"
  16. The Mystical Pregnancy Trope From Feminist Frequency
  17. The dangerous powers of witches *TRIGGER WARNING sexual abuse/assault mentioned*
  18. 10 rules for women blogging about their relationship woes
  19. Who cooked the last supper? The women's history of the world
  20. Who cooked the last supper? The women's history of the world
  21. "What does feminism have to do with breastfeeding?"
  22. A great website presenting a 'primer' on Radfem perspectives/ mechanisms of patriarchy
  23. Female equivalents
  24. Papers/articles on feminism and YA literature.
  25. Feminisms of the new parent
  26. Poledancin!
  27. How to explain male entitlement
  28. What Kind of Times Are These
  29. You're doing it right if dudes resign because you won't back down.
  30. The patriarchy benefitting from the sweat of my brow
  31. Her Master's Voice by Susan O'Doherty
  32. But You're too Pretty to be Aboriginal...
  33. What Caring About Women and Babies Really Looks Like **trigger warning, mentions rape.
  34. BIC "for her" pens
  35. Legitimate Rape TW: rape
  36. The (Non)sense of Anti-Feminists: why are feminists so hairy?
  37. 300 women arrested so far in the US for foetal endangerment of some kind
  38. Girl Power: Nine Ways to Build Your Daughter’s Self-Esteem
  39. Rape culture and rape apologists
  40. Street harassment - be grateful!
  41. The Kissing Sailor, or “The Selective Blindness of Rape Culture”
  42. BIC Pens For Her and Other Unnecessarily Gendered Products
  43. Women only events
  44. Must see Gail Dines on you tube :)
  45. Define misogyny? (possible triggers)
  46. 'Be careful' rant - no place for a woman by herself!
  47. Fluff - Ellen on Bic for Her
  48. Fujitsu's new notebook for women
  49. Twitter hashtag "sorry feminists"
  50. Paid domestic violence leave
  51. Parenting and income disadvantage
  52. Make up for babies.
  53. Comebacks, insults, and other stuff to say
  54. Men are raped too As Derailing
  55. "**** shaming"
  56. Where are the toy heroines?
  57. How to be a Woman - Caitlin Moran
  58. One Billion Rising
  59. NSW - no more joint rego
  60. Victoria's Secret feminist undies still happening!
  61. The Policy and Politics of Reproductive Health Arrests of and Forced Interventions on Pregnant Women
  62. What the government wants to ignore about sole parents and jobseeking
  63. The perfect vagina (they mean labia mainly)
  64. Online Atheist Census
  65. White Male Invincibility
  66. Mary Ann Sieghart: It's up to parents to resist the tyranny of the pink princesses
  67. Boys will be boys!
  68. A Radical feminist discusses some of the problematic aspects of One Billion Rising
  69. Guidelines for male allies
  70. Step on my foot, GET OFF MY FOOT
  71. Bra wearing same as hair removal?
  72. With this ring I keep my name
  73. You can have a good birth if you just educate yourself, research, etc, etc
  74. suggested books for children living with abuse?
  75. Celebrate IWD with a donation to a feminist group QLD children by choice