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  1. Emasculated
  2. Gail Dines on the ABC
  3. Found a group it might be worth supporting.
  4. Jean Kilbourne - "Killing Us Softly" womyn's portrayal in media.
  5. Rape Culture 101 **trigger warnings**
  6. Ads that would be banned today - Warning: explicit racism, sexism
  7. The Piano Player
  8. Reclaim the Night events near you
  9. I'm looking for studies
  10. *Trigger warning* Sexual assault still too taboo for public airing (old article)
  11. Pron and technological advancement
  12. On living pro-lifers' choice for women
  13. Sharon Astyk on feminism, industrial capitalism and resource depletion
  14. Movies and books for kids with strong girl/woman lead characters
  15. Has anyone heard of Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement?
  16. High School Musical character question.
  17. Men's rights regarding child support??
  18. David Deida
  19. We're Here We're Queer Get Used To It!
  20. I think I'm sexist
  21. Waiting for a commentator to use the M word
  22. The word "girl" as an insult
  23. British Conservative Party strikes a blow for oppressed men.
  24. Quote of the week!!
  25. The Onion video - required steps for an abortion
  26. Smashing patriarchy by playing the corporate game?!?
  27. Have Yourself A Very Sexist Holiday
  28. Article - When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?
  29. Colours for men V colours for boys.
  30. The origins of the word cunt
  31. Under Fire: SBS Insight
  32. Disgusting Eminem/Rhiannon song lyrics
  33. Manhood and War
  34. What Socialism Could Mean for Women- by Pam Glickman
  35. 's.lutwalk' in Melbourne today
  36. A Drug Called Pronography
  37. a fantastic feminist video response to Beyonce's ''Girls Run The World''
  38. To Be, Or To Be Looked At? great article on body image/obsession
  39. Men and Feminism: Are you a manarchist?
  40. Roseanne Barr on the Lack of Change in the TV Industry
  41. Penn and Teller Bullshit the War on Pron.
  42. I am NOT a Housewife!
  43. Robert Jensen- Feminism and Masculinity. A Talk
  44. Dreamworlds documentary- Desire, Sex and Power In Music Video
  45. WWE: Wrestling With Manhood- a doco
  46. Is it just me? Has it always been this bad?
  47. In defense of children, why feminists should care about children's rights
  48. Feminism in a Nutshell - Utube Vids
  49. Comparing Sex Buyers and Non-Sex Buyers July 2011
  50. Ms Magazine - what feminist issues are on your mind?
  51. Make love not pron
  52. Tropes vs Women - the Mystical pregnancy
  53. Feminism and transgender
  54. Subordination, Silence, and Pornography's Authority
  55. Is Pronography Driving Men Crazy?
  56. Steven Biddulph "Raising Boys" --- Gender? Feminism?
  57. Article on feminist mothering and the breastfeeding doll
  58. National action plan on women peace and sec.
  59. PETA Plans to Launch .XXX Porn Website
  60. Why critique is not censorship
  61. Have you ever included mothering examples in a job application
  62. "He is just at a stage where he thinks he is flirtatious - you will just have to leave it"
  63. Rape Culture- now that is funneh! *TRIGGERS*
  64. "I love you, you STUPID BABY DOLL THAT I HATE!"
  65. Really need some analysis/observations on this before I respond.
  66. Who would choose a punch in the face over strawberry? - A great feminist blog post on choice
  67. Domestic Goddesses.
  68. Midwives persecuted ... since the middle ages
  69. Movie Bob: Gender Games
  70. body hair revolutionary
  71. School, gender and sex.
  72. Forty-first Down Under Feminist carnival
  73. Pron in the workplace is discrimination.
  74. Beauty pressure - short video "Onslaught"
  75. Naturopathic brand to avoid