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  1. Happy Ada Lovelace Day! (Science inventors who are women!)
  2. On Being a Woman, Not "Female".
  3. Unpacking the Knapsack with Penny McIntosh
  4. some Mary Wollstonecraft quotes
  5. Body hair, weight, makeup, dress codes and climbing the corporate ladder.
  6. Women who bathe together
  7. Feminist zine to share for cost of printing+postage
  8. Scum: not the real enemy.
  9. Which W word do you use?
  10. Anger as a constructive force
  11. One common guy
  12. things I weigh more than
  13. Not your Father's Playboy, Not your Mother's Feminist Movement
  14. Youth Minister poses in bondage shoes and leather frock
  15. Throwback Feminist Superhero: Hypatia *graphic violence warning*
  16. Check this calendar out!
  17. What's in a rape kit? *triggers*
  18. Baby fat
  19. Rape Apologist Bingo (obviously it's potentially triggering)
  20. how to vajazzle - **giggle warning**
  21. Hate crime survey by the Vic Equal Opportunity mob.
  22. What is “women’s clothing”?
  23. Oprah et al and the policing of women's bodies
  24. SMH Life and Style today
  25. Where have all the flowers gone? K Miriam
  26. Sexist Beatdown: Shut Your L.ady Trap And Fellate Me Edition
  27. The Geena Davis Institute
  28. Taming the Wild Women?
  29. rape as a weapon of war *GRAPHIC VIOLENCE*
  30. Rothschilds & Gloria Steinem
  31. The Bechdel Test
  32. Irish women in politics, then and now
  33. China silences women housing rights activists ahead of Expo 2010
  34. Panel discusses human trafficking, sex work in U.S. *graphic warning*
  35. Go educate yourself (please!)
  36. niqab ban
  37. Keeping Aboriginal Women's Culture Alive
  38. Did I nail it?
  39. Post on pron and feminism.
  40. Are you a feminist who parents? You're needed!
  41. A powerful post about rape and what women are taught
  42. underbelly's portrayal of women
  43. Mothers for Women's Lib feminist parenting blog carnival
  44. Happy birthday, Jeannine Parvati Baker!
  45. Because we're lesbians we want to turn our boy into a girl
  46. Don’t get raped *trigger warning* (Great blog entry!!)
  47. I blame the mother
  48. Homophobia? Unpack het privilege here!
  49. Don't you find it a little creepy that so many men are ob/gyns?
  50. Feminist attacks BF "zealots" and "naturalism"
  51. Fact is a feminist issue
  52. Bystanding behaviour in [birth]
  53. *big CSA triggers* FGM and sexual abuse of girls by a doctor
  54. A Little Levity for the Weekend
  55. Live debate - Feminism has failed
  56. look fabulous or go home - more on privilege
  57. A Modern Matriarchy
  58. more gendered crap for baby girls - the teething credit card
  59. That article on not talking to a guy on the bus
  60. Beyond titillation - article in The Age
  61. Do you mind if I stalk you up close instead of from across the room?
  62. "UP" another lost movie opportunity **spoilers**
  63. rewrite a movie/book/tv show here and give women some media space!
  64. Larry Rivers' Film... The Issue Is Cultural Restitution **triggers child sexual abuse** *pron*
  65. Portrayals we love - [characters who are PWD]
  66. Laying bare domestic violence *trigger warnings*
  67. Why animal rights are (still) a feminist issue
  68. Disney Princesses Deconstructed
  69. Clearly they don't want women to buy volvos
  70. Need links to best articles/stats/media on cosmetic/diet/surgery industry.
  71. Vaginal exams on unconscious women TRIGGER WARNINGS
  72. Possibly anti-feminist whinge of the week
  73. Have you or your DP ever been invited to a hens or bucks night with strippers?
  74. The 'femivore': New breed of feminist, or frontier throwback?
  75. Responding to IL's sexism