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  1. feminism... like the tooth fairy?
  2. CrotchWatch '09 - some blaming around pornulation!
  3. Do you blog in Australia? Are you a woman?
  4. I'm proud of myself!
  5. Quick explanation
  6. Most Indian Live Donors are Wives and Mothers
  7. Does a Labouring Woman Have Any Rights?
  8. UK petition - asylum from rape petition
  9. Feminists don't have a sense of humour (lighten up girly!)
  10. 25 years of Sex Discrimination Act in Australia
  11. A doula for every woman?
  12. *trigger warning** Full Rock Spider: A Six Step Guide
  13. Schrodinger's Rapist
  14. Feel your boobies
  15. Life and Times of Jessie Street
  16. new feminist blog! FWD (feminists with disabilities) for a way forward
  17. Women in World History
  18. Rape Prevention Tips Guaranteed to Work! **triggers**
  19. Fighting Fat Bias and and the Fear of Faulty Cervixes
  20. Gender pay gap in Australia
  21. Law & Order: “Dignity”, Worth, and the Medical Model of Disability
  22. Dainty little girls vs muscular super-men
  23. Violence in Women's soccer
  24. Sexist school newsletter
  25. What Remains of Srebrenica: Motherhood, Transitional Justice and Yearning for Truth
  26. Curvy barbie?
  27. Lefties: Angry Women
  28. Sexist Humour is No Joke
  29. Fugivitus - Awesome piece on rape jokes *rape mentioned trigger warning*
  30. Claiming feminism and a question about chivalry
  31. Is Female to Male as Nature Is to Culture? Sherry Ortner
  32. How do you choose which last name?
  33. feminism and art
  34. “Men who buy sex: Who they buy and what they know” GRAPHIC
  35. WTF - insert in birkenstock box
  36. Ave Mary Daly
  37. The Princess and the frog.. an all new Disney low
  38. F: A Festival. A conference. A future. *JB is giving a workshop*
  39. more court ordered caesareans (and more) in the US
  40. How objectification silences women - the male glance as a psychological muzzle
  41. Killing an Abortion Doctor Might Be Voluntary Manslaughter, Not Murder
  42. IRL feminist workshop on pregnancy and birth WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
  43. How the beauty ideal doth change...
  44. I've been conducting an experiment
  45. Getting Real, the REAL women thread
  46. general feminist brilliance
  47. Grooming
  48. bump'n'grind your way to fuckability oops I mean FITNESS
  49. Historical photos of our rockin' sisters
  50. Dead Pron Stars Memorial
  51. vagina 101 - it begins with the vulva
  52. Elders interview with Isabel Allende
  53. Noor Inayat Kahn
  54. Children's movies: Women = Villain. Man = Beloved Hero.
  55. Awesome Graffiti in Melbourne
  56. Angie the Anti-Theist
  57. 4000 Years for Choice - celebrating our reproductive roots
  58. Happy International Women's Day everyone
  59. Video Stream: International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women of Burma
  60. The challenge of marketing small condoms
  61. “Enlightened Sexism: The Seductive Message that Feminism’s Work is Done"
  62. The NIH VBAC Consensus Conference: Will It Pave the Road to Hell with Good Intentions
  63. Anti-Feminist Bingo
  64. Helen Razer on Germaine Greer
  65. What do you do when being a feminist feels like a waste of time?
  66. women escaping fundamentalism - no longer quivering blog and other resources
  67. _that_ domain names ad with Pamela Anderson?
  68. US (but becoming relevant here) Legal Regulation of Pregnancy and Childbirth
  69. “Why are women being left out of climate decision-making?”
  70. 17 "feminist" anthems that aren't.
  71. Wow! Wow! Shannon Mitchell is talking about vbac as a human right!
  72. Unpacking the invisible knapsack - Male Privilege Checklist
  73. Another privilege checklist - for the programmers
  74. Objectification silences women
  75. House of the Setting Sun - interviews with elderly prostitutes