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  1. Serial Rapist Convicted of Raping His Daughter **trigger warnings**
  2. who does she think she is?
  3. Reading Group: The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf
  4. Pink - can we rest our case yet?
  5. Girls and boys at the park
  6. The Gender Knot: Ch. 1 Discussion - "Where Are We?" Part 1
  7. 'A Girl's Daddy is her first Love'
  8. men who murder children/women who murder children? *graphic warning*
  9. rethinking walking: taking up space
  10. Cosmo's poll - Fun, Fearless and Female! Go nominate and vote!
  11. Feminism, childcare, and family mental health:
  12. Playboy’s Misogyny More Overt Than Ever **trigger warning - rape jokes**
  13. Too Scandalous To Be A Registered Trademark: “Pussy Natural Energy”
  14. Women's space on the terrorist murder of Dr George Tiller
  15. Fashion and feminism?
  16. does this seem sexist to any one else other than me?
  17. My bank are pigs!
  18. A Gloria Steinem Love Up Thread
  19. feminist quotes - please share your favourites
  20. Abortion Politics And The Erasure Of The Pregnant Woman
  21. Bell Hooks Youtube cultural criticism and transformation
  22. When are our bodies ours alone?
  23. Sexism in my workplace
  24. Landmark Domestic Violence Judgment by European Court of Human Rights
  25. Patriarchy takes another swing.
  26. our history of struggle
  27. Music as a Means of Survival: The Women’s Orchestra in Auschwitz
  28. Research being used to prop up rape culture
  29. Oh how Society would collapse if.....
  30. SMH and rape reporting - did you just photoshop her scars??
  31. Quiverfull blog
  32. Infantilising Women via Pyjamas
  33. Dick V Cunt
  34. How to strip for your husband
  35. Confessions of a Brand New Feminist
  36. Urine-competent if you're female?
  37. Wartime Sexual Slavery - Butterfly Action!!
  38. Pinkaccinos anyone?
  39. Would a world run by women be less violent? (JOY Have Your Say)
  40. what men really think about your body
  41. Rape and socialisation
  42. Bloody hell, even the lollies are gendered
  43. Naked Truth: Reality and Fantasy Are (Stripper) Poles Apart
  44. Of Victims And Vixens--The Feminist Clash Over Prostitution
  45. Latisse. Because if your eyelashes aren’t thick enough, you are seriously fucked up.
  46. sexual double standards
  47. The Price of Pleasure **very violent towards the end of the movie**
  48. Two great educational resources
  49. Beauty or Beast
  50. The Terrible Bargain We Have Regretfully Struck
  51. some famous old women and their voices!
  52. “What Were Laura Ling and Euna Lee Looking For in North Korea?”
  53. Is google violating women's rights?
  54. Billboard by animal advocates PETA - offensive to women
  55. xy online - new Australian site on masculinities
  56. dead p*rn stars memorial video *graphic*
  57. It is Terrifying Having Courage.
  58. Girls are from venus, boys are just alien
  59. the sexualisation of little girls
  60. Why gender still matters
  61. LFL.. Laydees football league?
  62. Spinster aunt complains about Ted Kennedy
  63. my blog in the feminist blog carnival
  64. My husband's 'babysitter'
  65. 10 things not to say to a sexual assault victim
  66. Thanks for the language stuff.
  67. Instructional video for women
  68. violence against pregnant women **trigger warning**
  69. Franchising the Womb: Selling Fetal Imaging
  70. wax that Down There so you don't offend anyone in birth suite!
  71. Member for Makin - "rights of the newborn child"
  72. Reclaim the Night time again soon
  73. Oh right...
  74. Buddhism, Anger and feminism
  75. Carnival of feminist parenting! 5th carnival now up!