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  1. have missed 2 x menses, not pregnant- other possible causes?
  2. Cloth padding while away from home
  3. What brand of cup is da best?
  4. Cannot get this cup thing going!
  5. c/s scar pain with bleed
  6. PreMenstrualSensitivity & PreMenstrualTemerity
  7. Mothers of 6 or more, or if anyone has this problem please help with some advice....
  8. 2 bleeds in the space of six weeks...
  9. Where's my bleed gone?
  10. How do you nurture yourself?
  11. Suggestions for Cloth Pads
  12. My cycle and my emotions
  13. My flippin' body
  14. Menstrual Cups
  15. ideas pleaes
  16. Period Changes - sadness and meaning
  17. this sucks
  18. Lunapanties All in Ones?
  19. its back
  20. Gushing bleed?
  21. Leak proof wings...
  22. Light period diet (is there such a thing?)
  23. What is an appropriate age to discuss menarche and puberty?
  24. I'd like to join you in the Red Tent...
  25. my beautiful set
  26. Cloth pads - what the heck am I doing wrong?
  27. I'm baaackkk!!! and cup qs!!!
  28. Where to buy cloth pads IRL...
  29. The Moon Inside You - a movie about menstruation
  30. Celebrating my first bleed
  31. Mooncup flipping around?
  32. My last bleeding season
  33. BF and cycle regularity
  34. First ovulation post baby, CM - how much ?
  35. From what do you count your cycle's first day?
  36. How my body & puberty issues were instilled. *vent*
  37. Implanon and other 'dramas'...
  38. Menstrual changes....
  39. Gastro type problem related to bleed?
  40. A special kind of bleed.
  41. Long haul travel and missed periods
  42. Changing to new cup brand/ size when old one doesn't work anymore
  43. FleurCups on sale today for IWD!!
  44. Been feeling like my period is coming for days now
  45. returning bleed
  46. Can Mail-In Menstrual Blood Banks Help Save Lives?
  47. Unusual loss?
  48. Labia tearing every time I ovulate.
  49. Sepia, its great :)
  50. Cramp help please
  51. New Scientist - "Women who start periods early...
  52. REALLY really heavy first period after birth
  53. How many cloth pads?
  54. Menstrual blood and gardening
  55. where to buy pads
  56. Fertility Cycle with the Moon
  57. Can it really be that simple?
  58. Weird Bleed...
  59. making cloth pads more mainstream
  60. Introducing Mentruation to my DD...
  61. Bleeding/clotting during ovulation?
  62. Bleeding during lactation
  63. Bleeding during lactation
  64. 16 yr old with painful bleeds
  65. Menarche
  66. Inducing a Bleed?
  67. bleed becoming regular since sex?!?
  68. Menstrual cup users, what do you think?
  69. Not loving this bleed
  70. Blood, a poem
  71. Cloth Panty Liners Grrrrr!
  72. Cloth pads and drying indoors after washing?
  73. Anyone else have trouble urinating when using menstrual cups or tampons?
  74. Breastfeeding and PMS
  75. Cloth pads