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  3. Do vegans/vegetarians say no to vaccines due to the ingredients?
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  14. OPV - the origin of AIDS?
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  16. CDC: Tdap Vax For Every Pregnant woman
  17. It's scarey when the media think they have a say in medical decisions
  18. Things to consider when researching vaccines
  19. Vax refusers use google!
  20. Childhood infections may prevent heart disease from NBCNews.com
  21. Dealing with the current vax pressure - how you copin'?
  22. BBC News Removes False News Claims About Measles Epidemic “after being busted”
  23. Science Daily - Leading Explanations for Whooping Cough's Resurgence Don't Stand Up to Scrutiny
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  28. New NSW vaccination legislation and childcare
  29. Italian Court rules MMR caused autism
  30. Vaccination A Curse - published 1895
  31. Acute Encephalopathy Followed by Permanent Brain Injury or Death
  32. Interesting article
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  34. Students as guinea pigs in the vaccine world
  35. The Morals of forced Vaccination
  36. A little measles rant
  37. Vaccines Cause Severe Cardiorespiratory Harm to Preemies: Study
  38. WHO accused of promoting 'deadly' vaccine
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  40. Infanrix Hexa vaccine safety recall
  41. Whooping cough treatment?
  42. Premature ovarian failure 3 years after menarche in a 16-year-old girl following HPV vaccination
  43. How Herd Immunity Works.
  44. no more conscientious objectors for vaccines under labour....
  45. Catch up vaccines.
  46. HPV Radio Ads - Classy!
  47. Refusing Vax in Defence Force
  48. Qld bill defeated
  49. Vaccination thoughts, research etc, please feel free to discuss or add
  50. info needed for sister re whopping cough jab whilst pregnant please :)
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  52. Another WC thread- need some support
  53. "I homebirth, I breastfeed and I immunise" campaign
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  57. France Debates Vaccine Safety
  58. The Lead Vaccine Developer Comes Clean So She Can “Sleep At Night”
  59. Might need to give Tetnus shot to my near 2 year old that has never been vaxed - help
  60. “Herd Immunity.” The flawed science and failures of mass vaccination, Suzanne Humphries, MD - See mo
  61. Professor Brian Martin discusses a new ‘skeptic’ tactic
  62. CDC whistleblower on causal link between MMR and autism
  63. Concientious Objection in Melbourne
  64. To the Parent of the Immunocompromised Child Who Thinks My Kid is a Threat
  65. Measles: How vaccines change the way we think about disease
  66. Are you impacted by the change in legislation? How are you going to manage it?
  67. Looking for reference - can't find it. Please help
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  69. No access to kindergarten/child care for unvaccinated (Vic)
  70. "You have just over two weeks to protect your family's rights"
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