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  19. I do so love being a target. FFS!!
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  32. The Greater Good
  33. Big Study: Vaccinated Kids 2-5 More Diseases Than Unvaccinated
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  36. Exposure to chicken pox
  37. Unvax'd children, and a cancer patient
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  40. Article - ALL the Vaccines Are Contaminated - Every Last One of Them
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  42. Live Vaccine Exclusion Periods
  43. FYI: Vaccination Studies
  44. Taking a non-vaxxed child to Malaysia?
  45. Apprehensive to give last part of WC vax
  46. Can you become ill after being in contact with someone else who just had a live vaccine?
  47. AVN - the movements to stop them and their right to free speech? **Posted with admin permission**
  48. Live Vaccines
  49. Getting your CO form signed. What was your experience?
  50. Double-checking
  51. What is partial vaccination?
  52. Legal basis for withholding family payments?
  53. trav to Thai with 1yr old unvacc.. Should I get typhoid vacc?
  54. Genital Warts - 10 yr old vax !?!
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  56. CO Form for teenagers???
  57. polio vaccine
  58. New Vaccine Documentary: The Greater Good...
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  60. Possible Exposure to Whooping Cough??
  61. Just starting to learn more about vaxxing
  62. sunshine coasters, i need your help :)
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  69. HPV for boys
  70. My niece continuously sick after 12 month shots
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  72. news knocking conscious objectors
  73. SMH Article - Homeopathy regime rejected as judge tells parents to immunise child
  74. vaccintion papers revealed.
  75. Physicians Being Trained With User-Friendly Guide To Deal With Anti-Vaccine Parents