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  1. Action Alert ~ Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccines
  2. Journalist filed charges of bioterrorism against Baxter
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  4. Why do provaccine people keep quiet? Cognitive dissonance.
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  12. Meet the Moderator - Selene
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  14. ridiculous vaxing.
  15. On Channel 10 news flash: Swine flue Vax to go ahead, any risks are trivial
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  17. I'm tired of fighting
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  19. Breast cancer vaccine???
  20. I Told Him So
  21. hep B vax for hospital workers
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  23. Needing a little reassurance....
  24. Free swine flu vax
  25. Website on the new H1N1 vaccine
  26. Perth GP to sign CO form?
  27. Would/have you partially vaxxed your child/ren?
  28. ahhhh just be informed
  29. When I don't vax - but she doesn't eat..
  30. QLD Health, Hep B Vax???
  31. Need help re researching diseases/vaccinations for vanuatu
  32. Would you buy vaccine for children in 3rd world countries?
  33. Shit, Shit, Shit Shit Shit
  34. Should I tell dh?
  35. Why ALL vaccines damage EVERYONE
  36. Immunisation Register
  37. H1N1 Vaccine Causing Miscarriage
  38. Questions re; Concientious Objection Form
  39. Pregnancy Tetanus Vaccine
  40. Baby hair loss & vaccinations?
  41. MMR causes Autism.
  42. Homeopath in Perth
  43. Do I need to worry about my children coming into contact with other children..
  44. Tell me about chicken pox?
  45. Vaccinations: Parentsí Informed Choice
  46. new to vaccination issue and confused!!
  47. AVN Xmas Specials. Today only (22/12/09)
  48. Gloria Lemay's blog - the "undemic" of 2009
  49. dh still wants to vaccinate dd
  50. Vaccinations when working in health care?
  51. H1N1 Swine Flu Created To Sell More Vaccines
  52. AVN conscientious objector pack on sale. 2 days only.
  53. "Oooh I'd love to stick a needle in that thigh!"
  54. Investment Advice - Research and Markets: The Future of Global Vaccines
  55. ASD and Chronic Gastrointestinal Symptoms
  56. Great interview: Paed exposes vaccine myths
  57. AVN closing down sale
  58. German Measles??
  59. Vit K and Bleeding Belly buttons
  60. Hig
  61. Bilateral Visual Loss and Left Hemiparesis after Gardasil
  62. What I overheard last week
  63. Silenced Witnesses
  64. Vaccination and T-cells
  65. Letter from school re H1N1
  66. A bureaucrats perspective: myopia and untestable effects
  67. How does the logic stand??
  68. The govt vaccination booklet is full of lies!
  69. Deeply Frustrated.
  70. that scar I keep seeing on people - vaccination scar?
  71. Foods as (Production and D.elivery Vehicles for Human) Vaccines
  72. Just a little Prick
  73. Guthrie Test + hearing test
  74. Removing vaccine damage from body
  75. Dr Andrew Wakefield in his own words