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  1. Taking fish oils during preg - safe? or not?
  2. What is considered abnormal weight gain in pregnancy?
  3. Placenta program on MP3
  4. Reducing Infant Mortality
  5. Along Comes a Baby
  6. Mistress list of books and videos of birth and birth documentaries?
  7. Cochrane review of breech?
  8. Placenta position
  9. Can I ask a few questions on various situations?
  10. Info on avoiding preeclampsia?
  11. Essential midwife texts
  12. Prescribed Schedule for registering a birth in Vic
  13. Need some real information for once..
  14. Pelvic Floor Muscles
  15. add epsom salts into birthpool?
  16. Reassurance needed- 33 weeks and constant pressure on cervix
  17. Given Sytno after placenta birthed?
  18. Is it normal or a miscarriage?
  19. Belly support
  20. Marginal Placenta Praevia Birth
  21. Weight questions, Mumma and Bubba
  22. "But the cord was around the baby's neck!" - reality of nuchal cords
  23. Pain in the Groin
  24. Conception before first period - uterine lining
  25. Bruised/stretched sort of feeling at top of uterus
  26. Newborn assessments - what's an APGAR?
  27. Leg cramps
  28. In celebration of the OP baby
  29. Very cool youtube vid of 3D animation of birth
  30. Fetomaternal Haemorrhage - resulting in Stillbirth
  31. Birthing the placenta...
  32. Need your best links on SROM / PROM when labour starts with waters breaking
  33. Pregnancy and Lambs- info needed
  34. Unstitched tear healing 'open' - worrying?
  35. To stitch or not to stitch, question about tearing
  36. Pregnancy Nausea remedies please
  37. Birthing Twins
  38. Eating raw chicken (obviously unintentionally!) - should I be concerned?
  39. Soft serve yoghurt. HELP!!!!
  40. Spinning Babies Booklet?
  41. Michel Odent on a whole heap of good stuff! VBAC to GBS to GD, you name it!
  42. Liquid Chlorophyll
  43. Breech presenting twin - babes earthside!!
  44. Heating Blankets
  45. urgent help needed, currently labouring woman in hospy
  46. Sleep apnea in pregnancy
  47. Not having a scan, help me work through some stuff
  48. Getting needed medical help during pregnancy without compromising freebirth
  49. VB contraindicated in woman with retinal stratification?
  50. For those who have birthed in someone else's house...
  51. TCM theory about shoulders/neck in pregnancy
  52. Couple of questions re: meconium, third stage, related to my previous birth
  53. “Battledore” Placenta
  54. Short cervix ? Please explain ?
  55. Ventolin ok in pregnancy??
  56. Pelvic Imbalance
  57. Birth book recommendations please
  58. Type of seaweed for perineal tears?
  59. Natural Things that Slow Process
  60. Vitamins/ Supplements/ Diet during pregnancy.
  61. Need info on natural twin birth
  62. Does everyone get Braxton - Hicks?
  63. Backyard Birth - freebirth video (Gloria Lemay)
  64. Anyone used Chunging or shaking in labour?
  65. Placenta and birth questions
  66. Sore pubic bone
  67. Would things be different now?
  68. Anterior placenta - did you still feel movements?
  69. Mag phos in pregnancy
  70. Help Vasa Previa - Homebirth dream shattered again!!
  71. Lotus birth campaign
  72. What was it like when I was born? how can I heal from memory for home/freebirth prep.... ideas?
  73. have no fear of upcoming birth.. is that normal?
  74. have you tried hypnobabies?
  75. Now I'm really lost.