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  1. First-timer seeking advice on after birth pains
  2. Homebirthing when the nearest hospital is far?
  3. Too much amniotic fluid???? Really???
  4. Anyone make cord ties?...
  5. Flying O/S whilst pregnant - quick question
  6. Anyone compromised on Lotus Birth
  7. Optimising psychophysiology in third stage of labour: theory applied to practice.
  8. PPH, Ways of preventing them?
  9. Risks associated with single artery umbilical - what do you know?
  10. Lovely Breech birth
  11. Breathing baby out
  12. How did you deal with a long labour?
  13. A couple of Q's for MW or those in the know
  14. Intrapartum antibiotics for known maternal Group B streptococcal colonisation
  15. Friend having difficulties registering FB in NSW
  16. drugs to stimulate pushing
  17. Evening Primrose Oil vaginally?
  18. banded uterus
  19. How do you get over fear regarding birth?
  20. baby#8
  21. EDD and midwives
  22. Early labour/going into labour
  23. Women's need for space at the end of pregnancy
  24. Birth pain muscle memory?
  25. Excessive thirst in pregnancy
  26. birth videos to show 3 yr old in preparation for birth
  27. Natural D.elivery OK in Cases of Intrauterine Growth Restriction
  28. Vanishing twin syndrome
  29. Study on childbirth in WA
  30. Fast Respiration
  31. Painful uterus - what to rub on?
  32. Having some fears about premature birth - links please?
  33. Your recommended resources for a first-time Dad?
  34. Chignon - what the?!
  35. Moving baby From Posterior
  36. Early inductions - Any 'success' stories ?
  37. How do I overcome the fear?
  38. antenatal testing resources
  39. Please help me write a birth plan
  40. Who is the expert?
  41. links between breech and placenta previa
  42. What happens now??
  43. stupid calculators
  44. weakly attached umbilical cord?
  45. when did you notify family (before, during, or after birth)
  46. Using a spa bath when pregnant
  47. Chiropractors & Pregnancy
  48. Alcohol during threatend miscarriage?
  49. What are your essential pregnancy and birth books?
  50. How to make nourishing herbal infusions
  51. Free/unmonitored pregnancy
  52. GBS Testing
  53. Birth pool available to borrow in Canberra
  54. Birth Pool Advice etc :)
  55. QLD health newborn examination guidelines
  56. Prediabetes and homebirth
  57. Severe Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy is Associated with H. Pylori Infection
  58. Tell me what you know about an anterior lip...
  59. lots of links to articles on birth and midwifery
  60. the urge to push during labour
  61. I feel I was assaulted today.
  62. delayed cord clamping with actively managed 3rd stage
  63. iron supplement
  64. 32 Weeks Pregnant and Sore Boob
  65. Care provider - ultrasound/test free pregnancy
  66. Meconium
  67. Sorry, more questions!
  68. Rhesus Negative and Freebirthing
  69. How messy is homebirth really?
  70. Hot water
  71. Buying a birth pool- on a budget.
  72. How do you know you're having twins...?
  73. Birthing a child who was tested and found 'incompatible with life'
  74. Where do you source Lobelia tincture?
  75. Protracted labour??