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  1. what are you doing for winter solstice?
  2. soul collage
  3. A world without humans...
  4. What is the pagan stance on....
  5. Spirituality and Birth
  6. Being Submissive?
  7. Interested in Buddhism
  8. for the pagans
  9. Feelings about death
  10. A Question for people who follow religion
  11. My experiences with Christianity and feminism
  12. Do you identify as a christian?
  13. When God was a Woman
  14. Bigger picture of AP?
  15. The Work, Byron Katie
  16. Snake in my dream?
  17. Bloodlines - doco on Compass
  18. What will happen to your Earth Suit when you die?
  19. what is the purpose of life?
  20. Bridging The Divide of Early Development
  21. buddhism & feminism
  22. What do you think happens after someone dies?
  23. Do you believe in God?
  24. What is the purpose of religion?
  25. Dream interpretation please???? Weirding me out!!!
  26. Children picking up on your thoughts?
  27. No wonder people are turned off God
  28. The Ballad of Mary Magdalene
  29. what makes you keep going?
  30. Birth and Death: Opportunities for Self-Transcendence
  31. What Will Our Children (As Adults) Say About Us?
  32. A religious education dilemma
  33. Stephanie Dowrick services
  34. On Self-Confession... J L Langwood
  35. The invitation - inspiring words
  36. What would you like to do with ex-farm animals?
  37. my "issues" with JB
  38. Paganism & Witchcraft 101
  39. psychology of the MD
  40. Goddess chants
  41. Dreams that come true.
  42. celebrating summer solstice
  43. some meditation/mindfulness/Zen/Buddhist/you name it information
  44. children's solstice books
  45. PaGaian Cosmology: Reinventing Earth-based Goddess Religion
  46. Discussion about Invasion Day
  47. Embracing our dark selves
  48. The Vagina Monologues (book, not play)
  49. Ignorant racism
  50. Science, instinct, culture
  51. the perfection of imperfection wabi-sabi in life and aesthetics
  52. Learning to question spills over into the rest of my life
  53. Cohesion and Interconnectedness
  54. For our children
  55. The Power of Prayer
  56. Having babies and world over-population
  57. New trend in birthday parties
  58. Raising our daughters to be "pretty"
  59. Prayer/Verse/Grace before a meal
  60. Creationism in action
  61. Imbolc, the first day of spring
  62. 'sinful' thoughts - is there such a thing?
  63. Religious and Scientific discourse
  64. Pain... why?
  65. Joyous Death
  66. Is my being an atheist just another form of indoctrination?
  67. Yoga Philosophy notes from the VCI Festival
  68. What kind of children do we raise, if this is what we believe of them...??
  69. Any Derrick Jensen readers here? What are your thoughts?
  70. book recommendations?
  71. Recommend books re. seasonal celebrations for Sth Hemisphere
  72. What is community to you?
  73. Unitarianism?
  74. Manifesting, bringing something you desire to fruition.
  75. Transgender children - 7 year old self identified boy