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  1. Has a thread ever changed your mind?
  2. Ethical purchasing versus quality: Where do you draw the line?
  3. possible gaol sentences for the QLD couple who organised an abortion themselves
  4. Third world vs Majority World
  5. Singing in sign
  6. What are you doing to honour International Women's Day?
  7. Family First = Personhood of the Foetus
  8. Meet your mod for beyond birth - Zeltron
  9. Gender and Gaga.
  10. The Toy Society - spread the love today!
  11. Endometriosis Awareness Month
  12. Female Relational Aggression (RA) ~ Mean Girls Grow Up
  13. Bullying. How can we stop it?
  14. For the love of feminism! *Bloody British Sun Newspaper*
  15. Homosexual men and donating blood, i need some info
  16. Hole in the wall - public internet access in India and beyond
  17. Slamming 'Pretty'...
  18. Vintage ads depicting abused and domesticated women
  19. Becaue I Am A Girl - campaign and book of the same title
  20. Wrong side of the bus - a documentary about forgiveness
  21. Upcoming Social Justice in Early Childhood Conference - Sat 5 June
  22. Sorry...
  23. Why The Fuck Are Any Reasonably Sized Hankies Called Men's Handkerchiefs?????
  24. Childbirth Decision Making - **posted with admin permission**
  25. Obnoxious Article About Banning The Burqa And My Response
  26. Dutch physicians move to ban male genital mutilation
  27. More Sexualised Violence in Fashion - *Trigger Warning*
  28. "He doesn't seem the type" Vent.
  29. Home Birthed & Home Educated Teens. I LOVE.....
  30. Medicine, the media and monetary interests
  31. How Goldman Sachs gambled on starving the world's poor...and won.
  32. Storybook Mums & Storybook Dads
  33. Fat: I Like This Definition...
  34. "Dancing Auschwitz"
  35. "I will be a hummingbird" - Inspirational 2min video clip
  36. But what if they already have the info?
  37. Support the Cairns Couple - drop the charges now!
  38. Voting below the line
  39. Womens Facebook group calling us g'uys!
  40. What is restorative justice?
  41. Interested in finding writers, musicians and artists who have similar philosophies..
  42. May not be too late to enrol to vote on 21 Aug
  43. Reclaim the Night 2010
  44. Economic Growth vs Sustainable economies
  45. Male Midwives? Why am I having such a hard time being inclusive on this.
  46. 2030 headlines :)
  47. Surrendering choice
  48. A little bit about Goddesses
  49. Blog article - 5yo boy chooses female halloween costume, parents of other kids react in disgust
  50. Medical Students Treated Like Dirt
  51. End discrimination against women in Iranian law
  52. The problems with my princess problems
  53. Perfect Message For The 'Festive' Season. Enjoy ;-)
  54. The Case of David Reimer: The boy was raised as a girl.
  55. Gender neutrality in early childhood - WDYD?
  56. Food, agriculture and social justice under the one roof
  57. Another take on Assange *triggers rape mentioned*
  58. Post-birth celebration of pregnancy and baby - didn't have a blessingway?
  59. A call to men - TED talk *trigger warning*
  60. Disputing the myth of the sexual disfunction of circumcised women.
  61. The real facts on cervical cancer and pap smears.
  62. Look what I found on eBay...
  63. To Push or Not to Push it's a womans right to decide - article in sydney morning herald
  64. From homebirth to hospital birth next time?
  65. Womanhood is not a disease!
  66. A shocking example of abuse on a baby by an OB. (warning!)
  67. Silliness in Sydney about Circumcision
  68. A Thought For Invasion/Survival Day Tomorrow:-
  69. Info on Aboriginal disadvantage, particularly maternity care (forced).
  70. What's wrong with Barbie dolls?
  71. Medical students performing intrusive exams on unconscious patients without their consent
  72. On becoming a Lactavist
  73. Dressing for your partner?
  74. The Shape of This Mother... I love this!
  75. Feminist perspectives on egg donation/surrogacy