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  1. Removing nits and gentle guidance: how do they work
  2. gentle guidance with 1y.o.
  3. If not praise, then what?
  4. "i want to go first"
  5. really struggling
  6. What is the SALVE formula, then?
  7. Wwyd? Music practice
  8. When it's someone else's child...
  9. guidance for 9 month old
  10. How to 'move on' from a really interesting toy/object?
  11. The "When I'm Feeling..." Books
  12. She who must be obeyed...
  13. Non negotiable requests
  14. Please? Yes or no?
  15. lightbulb moment
  16. Baffled- ungrateful children- WTF???
  17. How to make DS brush his teeth?
  18. I *rock* as a parent because....
  19. Picking up stuff from other kids
  20. Gentle Parenting While F**ked Up
  21. Copying baby behavior to get attention
  22. what's the most gentle way to move through this phase..?
  23. Bedwetting
  24. Poo question for 4yr old - frustrating!
  25. Time for each child
  26. Teaching a 3 year old to respect others needs too?
  27. Seriously, is this normal?
  28. When another child doesn't like yours
  29. 4yrs old meltdowns - advice pls
  30. What is a gun?
  31. bedrooms
  32. Separation anxiety in babies
  33. Bullying - a bit long - advice needed
  34. Depressed preschool children: The role of shame and guilt.
  35. Please help me, help my five year old
  36. Will keeps weeing... (sorry it's so long)
  37. Help please with violent 4 year old
  38. I need help with dealing with....
  39. changing the circle we socialise with
  40. I want something to eat, I want something to eat, I want something to eeeeeeeeeeeeat!
  41. teeth grinding!
  42. Low level whining
  43. When Toddlers Bite Article
  44. I'm not liking my teenage son at the moment
  45. Not sure what is going on..
  46. Living with and nurturing your teenager
  47. Emotional Midwifery - Scott Noelle (TDG)
  48. Sudden Violent behaviour in 5 year old
  49. Wetting pants
  50. Is it bad to cry in front of your children
  51. Lose - lose.
  52. Bolters
  53. Tantrums are getting me down.
  54. How do we do this gently?
  55. Need some guidance
  56. violent 2 year old?
  57. At odds all the time
  58. Adjustments, tantrums, love-ins... the lumps and bumps of a new sibling.
  59. 'I'm a Good Girl!'
  60. What to do with DS?
  61. Hair Puller
  62. The right way to deal with normal kid stuff?
  63. Praising? What alternatives?
  64. Raising children when you are poor......
  65. 8yo Answering back, taking charge and bullying (long)
  66. Nagging Toddler
  67. How to handle deceit in a 9 y.o.
  68. Food issues, I'm so fed up I just snapped
  69. Wants and Needs - treading the toddler line
  70. Where/how do you draw the line between helicoptor parenting and protecting them?
  71. Sneaking food
  72. parenting an oppostional child
  73. How do I coax him into having his nappy changed?
  74. DS going wild when DP comes home
  75. When he doesnt stop