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  8. Wont wear a nappy, but wont go to toilet!
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  10. Parenting for former fundamentalists
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  16. Gentle Guidance - how to say 'no' and express emotion to toddlers
  17. Support group for bigger families ?
  18. Gratitude
  19. Attachment - and our big kids!
  20. Helping DS (8) sort through birth stuff
  21. Dummy/Pacifier - Gentle help to reduce DS's use, reliance and attachment
  22. When school behaviour management clashes with home...
  23. Safety in the home - thoughts?
  24. Can't beat the Princess/Fairy/Beauty shiz!
  25. Guiding our children in when it is ok to use Forceful Hands
  26. Don't judge, don't teach, don't boss
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  28. Three-year-old driving me to tears
  29. Four year old being violent with me - help!
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  31. Losing the Pink, Pretty, Princess battle - not sure how to respond.
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  33. Mealtime Mayhem - Food throwing
  34. Tall Kids
  35. "Big family" thread ?
  36. Supporting children dealing with absent dad
  37. How can I help DS when he hurts himself
  38. Teaching and enforcing boundaries
  39. Recognising our needs, if they were not met as childen.
  40. Is it possible getting my kids to decline sweets ?
  41. DS Behaviour/Actions are Stretching my Limits
  42. Supporting a child who talks a lot
  43. The things parents say
  44. Resources for curious 9yr old DS
  45. teenage daughter
  46. Feeling frustrated with DS1's behaviour to DS2
  47. Unlocking the Secret to Mothering Zen
  48. In a parenting funk and repeating herstory
  49. is it ok to soothe toddler tantrums with nursing?
  50. Thoughts on Entitlement?
  51. Food issues with 4yo
  52. My 6yr old is distressed
  53. Parenting moments...
  54. Engaging children in household tasks
  55. 8 year old and stupid carry on
  56. Setting Boundaries, rules, discipline etc
  57. Guided meditation for kids
  58. Girl punching and kicking mother.
  59. You can't have your cake & eat it too!
  60. Gentle guidance for a child who hits and kicks.
  61. How to find sympathy/empathy for a kid that is always hurting himself?
  62. Incessant swearing
  63. Conversations with kids about their mistakes/accidents
  64. Toddler Pretending to be a Baby
  65. where is the link about yelling less?
  66. DS Pissing on my Lounge
  67. Six year-old self-esteem
  68. Tired of the punching, hitting, shoving, excluding
  69. Monsters
  70. Just Shut the Fuck Up - Be quiet, stop being rude and stop whinging
  71. Talking about Difference and Sameness
  72. Leaders, followers, in betweeners and self esteem
  73. Getting Kids to do Stuff - without external motivators
  74. Incessant Talking and Constant Commentary - fuck I'm over it