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  1. Placenta question
  2. Concerns with my mum helping me post birth..
  3. postpartum care, yogic & ayurvedic approach
  4. Funny discharge 3mths postpartum
  5. Terrible dreams :(
  6. Autumn 2011 babies
  7. Returning lochia
  8. Grunting and growling - I dont know what to do
  9. What a difference!
  10. Babymoons with little people
  11. Reusable Breast Pads
  12. Feeling delicate
  13. Co sleeping with a babe in winter
  14. Slings, reflux and Postional asphyxiation.
  15. Present for someone who planned a HB but had a CS
  16. Just interested to know
  17. Dealing with sibling jealousy and meeting the needs of all.
  18. Please help, I really don't know what to do : (
  19. ab tummy pain
  20. Lotus birth Mamas: What did you wrap/treat your baby's placenta with?
  21. Healing after episiotomy and baby blues help for a friend
  22. Can this be normal??
  23. Unwanted support from an interesting or should that read challenging mother.
  24. vapouriser brand suggestions
  25. Glucose V's Formula in SCN
  26. Help ASAP please!
  27. Feeling a bit sad- babymoon
  28. A poem. I Will Support
  29. I didn't get my babymoon
  30. Post partum bleeding
  31. chicken pox
  32. Best sling/carrier for newborn?
  33. The Spring 2011 Babes chat thread
  34. bush flower essences for post partum anxiety/adjustment?
  35. Please help - advice needed re screaming baby
  36. Hormone changes 7/8 weeks post birth
  37. Tearing after sex
  38. Placenta consumption/preparation advice please
  39. Freebirth: A Message to Obstetricians from Jenny Hatch, “Physician Heal THYSELF!!”
  40. Summer babies 2011/2012 chat thread
  41. Craniosynostosis
  42. How's this for some crap information on Lotus Birth
  43. lochia or something else?
  44. Blessingway for Beccalee - Blue Mountains
  45. Outcomes of planned freebirths in 2011 - 2nd half of poll for VBAC
  46. Outcomes of planned freebirths in 2012 - 2nd half of poll for VBAC
  47. What was the outcome of your planned hospital / BC birth in 2011? 2nd half - VBAC
  48. Outcomes of planned hospital / BC births in 2012 - 2nd half of poll for VBAC
  49. Outcomes of planned midwife-attended homebirths in 2011 - 2nd half of poll for VBAC
  50. Outcomes of planned midwife-attended homebirths in 2012 - 2nd half of poll for VBAC
  51. Dentist for babies?
  52. traveling with babe advice pls
  53. bleeding and cramping during pregnancy
  54. Prominent Birth mark question with pic
  55. How to get vaginal flora to babe post emergency caesarean?
  56. Newbon nappy rash
  57. How long should the bruising and 'heaviness' take to heal/resolve?
  58. Squeaky breathing, sore clitoris and lots of other anatomical issues
  59. Green mucousy poo in the evenings?
  60. Perineum care after birth
  61. I think I might have to see a dr! Sore uterus post birth
  62. Prolapse?! Help please!
  63. Spring babies 2012 chat thread
  64. Probiotics for newborn on antibiotics?
  65. eggy burps
  66. Swimming post partum?
  67. getting the hang of tandem feeding
  68. Placenta essence vs lotus birth vs stew
  69. Co- Sleepering/ Co-Sleeper set up
  70. Please help.
  71. Cloth nappies - basics
  72. Pregnancy dehydration?
  73. Travelling overseas with young baby - experiences and suggestions
  74. Breast Milk Pump/ Bottles
  75. I loooove breastfeeding