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  1. Petition to legalise raw milk in Australia
  2. re-shoot of time mag's cover: Jamie Grumet - Mom enough to speak out for AP
  3. Being Mean to Fat People Is Pointless: A Good Old-Fashioned Plea for Civility
  4. I spoke out about sexism, then came the rape jokes
  5. victim blaming and woman hate in online parenting forum
  6. Gay rights - how does Australia compare?
  7. stop promoting music artists that promote violence against women
  8. Breast is best?
  9. New Zealand deporting fat people
  10. 2013 election - the "christian" perspective
  11. Shouted at by Leisurelink Geelong pool staff over breastfeeding - nurse in 16th Nov
  12. NSW enquiry into anyone not a doctor who discusses health
  13. Sydney snap protest today 5:30 pro choice
  14. Reproductive Justice Warriors speak out about Childbirth: Control of our Bodies and Lives!
  15. Please help - 200 Nigerian school girls kidnapped
  16. Fat Activism online conference August 22nd-24th
  17. Medical Aid for Palestinians - MAP
  18. 3 year old explaining consent
  19. IWD Brisbane Meanjin this weekend