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  1. Resources for birth partners - men at this point, hoping to expand to women partners!
  2. Hello from your moderator
  3. Some partner issues
  4. Sibling Rivalry when the new baby arrives
  5. What do you want to hear in labour?
  6. Accupressure points for labour
  7. Massage during labour
  8. Have you been a birth supporter?
  9. Birth support group in SE Melb
  10. Who will you want there 'next time'?
  11. for birth companions
  12. ICSM 2nd National Doula Conference in November
  13. What's in YOUR bag of tricks?
  14. four legged doulas
  15. Supporting a birth that goes against your heart and mind
  16. organic support
  17. What Does a "Doula" Mean to YOU?
  18. Childless Doulas
  19. Wikipedia Doula Link
  20. gentlebirth archives - "Doula's Notes"
  21. My cousins gonna have a bubba!!!
  22. Sorting it out in my head ramble...
  23. Holding a Space for YOUR Truth
  24. Holding the Space for Transformation
  25. Men Holding the Space - Have We Created a Monster?
  26. Does age matter?
  27. Do women need support to birth? Is it really necessary?
  28. What is True Support?
  29. National Doula Conference 2006
  30. What is continuity of care really?
  31. Educating and Supporting Women During Pregnancy Loss
  32. Doulas as Fashion Accessories
  33. Meals for New Mamas: What do you really wanna eat? Ideas pls
  34. Too Soon for Info?
  35. Home, a sacred place to birth...
  36. Do "Midwives" Exist Anymore? Really?
  37. Doula through OptimumBirth
  38. Newly Formed QLD Independent Midwives Committee
  39. Men at Birth
  40. Possible Access to Professional Indemnity for Midwives
  41. Did you tell? Or not? updated options!
  42. But you can get more from a birth centre than your home...
  43. holding the space against danger to women
  44. JB contact details?
  45. Which Doula Course?
  46. I want to hold a blessingway for my friend
  47. Officially in training - WOO HOO
  48. Working as a Midwife....
  49. Just another hundred reasons to fall in love with Ealesy
  50. Articles on Birth trauma & PND?
  51. Did your home feel different after your h/b?
  52. Is there a middle ground?
  53. What do we consumers want from homebirth midwives?
  54. Scared to talk about it
  55. Attending my first birth - letter to a friend
  56. choosing to birth at home- partner issues/working through
  57. Clearing the Birth Space/Home in Prep for Birth
  58. My sister needs to let go...
  59. Medical Pressure. Should we COMPROMISE?
  60. Transverse bubba
  61. An update on Zoe and baby Heidi
  62. Homebirth preparation - almost nil :-(
  63. Think this is the right spot to post this thread
  64. Finally saw The whole Baby Nach Story and after seen it
  65. Calling homebirth & attachment parents & future pare
  66. Pleasantly surprised
  67. Whats the best way in your eyes to treat preeclampsia-...
  68. A bit Frustrated
  69. Help! I've been invited to attend a birth...
  70. What did you find handy for your hmebirth
  71. My first homebirth experience
  72. following a birthing woman's lead?
  73. A doulas place in HB
  74. Writing your future birth story
  75. Who supports breech at home?