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  1. The Birth Partner - Penny Simkin...reviews?
  2. Asking someone to be a support person when they don't support home birth...
  3. For those who birthed in a hospital first time - did you know HB was an option?
  4. Questions about the business side of being a doula
  5. Husband not being supportive
  6. Loving the Dance
  7. Creative Ways of Making Space for the Baby ~ Workshop
  8. finishing one cycle and starting another - blessingway follow ups
  9. combined 'motherway'?
  10. Doula or MW studies......how you made your choice
  11. your friendly birth servant aint a cheerleader
  12. Info for birth partner
  13. Support people during HB?
  14. Birth support
  15. Doulas -- what cool gifts have you received from clients?
  16. Q's on Becoming a Doula?
  17. Rhea Dempsey doula training
  18. Rhea Dempsy Birthing Wisdon Course in Geelong (Ocean grove) 2010
  19. Any pregnant women in Adelaide?
  20. I had the 'Dead Baby' line pulled on me today!!
  21. Anyone a Doula?
  22. Rhea Dempsey Birthing Wisdom Course 2011
  23. Tell me about prostaglandin induction
  24. How did you 'become' a doula?
  25. What do you gain in studying Midwifery?
  26. How did your midwife care for you?
  27. Doula Training Opportunity - Brisbane
  28. I have been asked to support a ceasarean :(
  29. Childbirth Educator Training
  30. Creative Ways of Making Space for the Baby workshops
  31. Having a homebirth sans bathroom
  32. New birthy type blog...
  33. Regretting your Birth 'Support' - How to deal with it?
  34. Traditional Midwifery Education - Online Course
  35. Student doula feeling really overwhelmed!
  36. Student Midwife Learning
  37. Type 1 Diabetes & Severe Bipolar Disorder
  38. Student Doula Looking for a Mentor
  39. Pulling my hair out! Please help me help my sister
  40. Gloria Lemay's birth skills online course for Australia + fundraiser!
  41. Foodplay sessions and CAM/Midwives course
  42. Birthworker labels? What do you use and why?
  43. Who were your children/s support?
  44. Who knows the best university to study Midwifery?
  45. What have you done when supporting a birth?
  46. Any ideas for supporting an "overdue" friend?
  47. Birth support near Berwick, VIC
  48. Husband apprehensive about a homebirth
  49. urgent doula names needed for SE Melbourne (sorry cant find appropriate thread area?)
  50. Birth Pool needed Melbourne
  51. What is due a birth attendant?