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  16. Fear
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  28. Will it always be like this??
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  30. For those of you who used a doula....
  31. Attitudes impacting on your birthing space.
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  36. Help me hold the space
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  39. What do Midwives really think of Doulas?
  40. Could you hire a Midwife or Doula who hasn't had a baby themselves??
  41. Another superfluous thread..what do doulas think of midwives?
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  45. Doula forum?
  46. doula roll call! students welcome
  47. gift ideas for birth support people
  48. RM's. What are/were your colleagues like?
  49. Recommended reading for a support person?
  50. What makes for a good birth attendant/doula?
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  52. What if your life suddenly changed?
  53. somebody make her feel better
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  55. Von Willebrand Disease
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  58. My Second Birth as a Doula
  59. How to hold the space for someone who has no space
  60. overcoming fears of first birth
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  62. growing baby with my thoughts
  63. c-sec rate of hospitals?
  64. Doula Course
  65. Article about the Spiritual Midwife
  66. Stuff you dont want to do but have to as a midwife?
  67. Birth Plan (comment for me)
  68. Taking birth Photos
  69. doulas and insurance? Privacy stuff?
  70. Excited about the possiblities of supporting women
  71. Supporting TWO womyn who are planning VBACS in private hosp w/private OBs!! Arrrgh!!!
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  73. Debriefing?
  74. Blissful Birth Doula Course
  75. Books for a potential supporter