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  1. Women's Electoral Lobby
  2. Geelong Rally - July 4th.
  3. rally in adelaide july 4th
  4. Anyone else fed up with the choice rhetoric for this rally?
  5. Yay for Homefirst Health Services!
  6. Make a submission to the Senate committee into the draft legislation about homebirth
  7. Do you qualify for publicly funded homebirth? UPDATED OP
  8. Easy But Potentially HUGE Method of Keeping Homebirth Legal
  9. Targeting the opposition?
  10. Provision for Homebirth in the new legislation....really??
  11. What are your thoughts on this please?
  12. Senate submission shakeup - post yours here.
  13. Save Birth Choices has a message for everyone
  14. Who homebirths? A new blog! Contributions sought!
  15. Easy peasy activism! Send a question to Nicola Roxon TONIGHT!!
  16. indigenous midwifery - Malabar, NSW
  17. Loving imaginative play
  18. My Vagina is Eight Miles Wide
  19. The Term 'Miscarry'.
  20. A Declaration of the Rights of Childbearing Women
  21. WA Birthing Statistics: Interventions Down, Deaths Down
  22. Australian College of Midwives draft homebirth plan
  23. ANMC professional relationships - need urgent comment from women
  24. pron & petrol
  25. Birthwish 2010
  26. ACOG’s 2009 Induction Guidelines: Spin Doctoring Misoprostol (Cytotec)
  27. Patient Opinion UK - a consumer-driven way to report to the NHS
  28. national hospital scheme biz - have your say on the website too
  29. An hour with Gloria Lemay
  30. Trust Birth Initiative?
  31. Trust by Leilah McCracken
  32. Who homebirths? My blog series!
  33. "Birth is a human rights issue" MidToday video competition!
  34. Who gave birth in a hospital first?
  35. Hmong women birthing in Australia
  36. Power, trust and agency in childbirth.
  37. Viva La Vagine!
  38. placenta encapsulation
  39. Patient Opinion - new Australian website
  40. writing an article about politics, feminism and birth rights.
  41. petition about human rights abuses in Australian maternity hospitals
  42. US woman's blog on suing over a near death booked cs
  43. TRUST BIRTH 2013 in Sydney (free stuff!)
  44. Irish Health dot com (maternal mortality and inquest into Savita's death)
  45. The Trust Birth thread!!
  46. Help a midwife in the US, please - update #31 new address, house arrest
  47. US - clinical trial to see if induction is nicer than waiting for babies to come
  48. Sex based rights forum in Brisbane 12 October