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  1. doulas- undermining the movement towards humanised birth?
  2. Yoni Expressions
  3. more to food than meets the eye
  4. Aboriginal birthing practices, traditional midwifery
  5. Greens policies on birth
  6. WA birthing statistics
  7. new study shows mortality risks in hospitals sky high
  8. Janet's presentation from Brisbane - Stepping Outside the System to birth.
  9. boundaries in our thinking around birth, how do they get there?
  10. vagivist "blinky" check it out!!
  11. WA Birthplace Support Group?
  12. Empowering Birth Blog
  13. ACM's 'Big Bold and Beautiful' Conference and Rally, Canberra, September 26-28
  14. Jenny Blyth's Workshop
  15. What is a midwife - for midwifery forum
  16. MC Creative Campaign
  17. Birth Ecology Project
  18. PTSD and birth - review article, 2006
  19. child sexual assault and birth - crappy info for survivors
  20. What would you say?
  21. MC Vic special meeting
  22. The Technocratic Body: [american] Childbirth As Cultural Expression
  23. '2008 - the year of Homebirth Awareness!' Check Site Info for tools and info!
  24. Report: Select Committee Into Public Obstetric Services
  25. US conference - Trust Birth - very inspiring!
  26. 26 ways to change birth globally
  27. Technocratic Vs Traditional birth: A bit of a personal crisis
  28. JB mamas starring on youtube!!
  29. The Unborn Birth
  30. MJA article: "The first year of a midwifery-led model of care in Far North Queensland
  31. What? Tighter is better???!!!
  32. ♥ heart shape sybolises yoni ♥
  33. pro-consumer is not anti-midwifery
  34. Just Say No
  35. The blame game
  36. Public v private
  37. Need birth stories to share with GP friend
  38. Book reccomendations
  39. Interesting discussion: Greivous bodily harm and elective caesareans.
  40. Letter Response to an Email on Midwives and Medicare
  41. The Trouble With White Pants
  42. Where is the Desire to Learn?
  43. First the came for the freebirthers...
  44. Submissions Wanted On Birth Trauma
  45. Why Homebirth?
  46. JB Car sticker slogans - what would you like?
  47. Thanks, Hoydens! Quick hit: Barnev’s “Birthtrack” continuous labour monitoring system
  48. Jb car sticker Poll- vote for your fave slogan!!!!
  49. Do we (the informed) have a responsibility to share our knowledge with other women?
  50. What's your activism?
  51. Pronunciation of Yoni
  52. Think we don't need feminism?
  53. Gloria Lemay's blog!
  54. These birth groups claim caesareans are safe...
  55. My Contribution to Birth Trauma Research...
  56. Maternity Services Review Submissions online - is yours there?
  57. NSW Health wants your input Consumer Evaluation of Having a Baby Internet Survey
  58. Birthing overseas whilst on holiday
  59. New birth group in Australia
  60. Possible place to take work on MSR?
  61. How did having community change your experience of birthing?
  62. One womyn's struggle against Excision. Warning- may be upsetting.
  63. Save homebirth petition
  64. Ballarat Town Hall rally Wed 18 March - maternity services!
  65. First They Came For The Freebirthers....
  66. Standing up for our right to choose
  67. Starting my career as a vagivist..need some help.
  68. Doulas who support freebirth under attack
  69. feedback systems on careproviders
  70. A Symposium on Birth Practices and Reproductive Rights
  71. Want to tell the Sydney Morning Herald something?
  72. a beautiful video of gentle waterbirth., not at home, but lovely nonetheless!
  73. The Unnecessarean - website and blog!
  74. careprovider feedback and local HCP information
  75. Everyone in the federal electorate of Ryan