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  1. US petition on premature cord cutting
  2. thoughts on melbourne birth centres?
  3. Because I'm a birthing woman and...
  4. We have forgotten what normal birth is :(
  5. Albury/wodonga radio tomorrow morning ME
  6. Birthing zealots stoke the anti-doctor cause
  7. dangerous nutter here *waves*
  8. Our Janet on ABC Radio!! Mourik again being a wally
  9. Physicians and Birth: WTF?
  10. Midwifery Practice Review pilot in QLD YAY!!!
  11. Male Genital Mutiliation?
  12. Port Pirie area SA? update
  13. Aboriginal Birthing Business
  14. Voluntary C-Sections Result in More Baby Deaths
  15. Birth Rites - Border Mail article
  16. Obs resign in opposition of proposed midwifery-led care
  17. High Risk Lovemaking
  18. Baby movement WTF???
  19. Birth - The Play
  20. US report "Listening to mothers" #2
  21. No funding to pay?
  22. article on violence in birth and PND/PTSD
  23. My thoughts
  24. Vulva puppets
  25. Indemnity Insurance for Midwives meeting in Bris 23 November
  26. Calling Melbourne members
  27. birthlove.com
  28. Townsville and Thuringowa VBAC info!!!
  29. C/S pain art
  30. Baby Web Central
  31. maternal mortality 2000-2002 Australia - fixed the link
  32. Advertising and Support for *a little wish*
  33. Epidural dosn't increase risk of opperative d.elivery??????
  34. Emergency EMERGENCY c/sec
  35. violence in hospitals
  36. Middle of Kmart talking about home birth
  37. Maternity Coalition - are you a member?
  38. need your opinion....
  39. ABC radio Broken Hill today
  40. support this US birth group
  41. increased funding for rural mw's in NZ- a start, perhaps?
  42. remember that stupid anti-hb blog?
  43. Breech Baby-Urgent help needed!
  44. any MWs been sued?
  45. *a little wish* Newsletters
  46. *a little wish* a little break through ...
  47. Facing the evidence- Evidence based practise
  48. "Dying for the Cause" Carolyn Hastie
  49. Yay for Wales!! Yay for hb!!
  50. I feel an intervention coming on
  51. Beware of CPs who...
  52. Canada - Coalition for breech birth
  53. Improving hospital information packages
  54. Born in Brazil
  55. Anyone tried Second Life?
  56. Difference Of Opinion (ABC) - let's get a debate going!
  57. support the women in Rosebud who want midwives
  58. Maternity Care for Lesbian/Same-Sex Attracted Women
  59. Positive Birth Experiences - September Essence
  60. Just posing an ethical question
  61. Irish mws losing insurance
  62. JB Brochures - Where have we placed them?
  63. "Stateline" WA this week ABC 7.30pm
  64. Improving maternity choices
  65. Call For Nominations: Mothers in Action
  66. Call for EOIs for Australian College of Midwives National conference attendance by co
  67. violence against women - smh front page
  68. MC / ACM Dinner - Wed 27 Jun, Brisbane
  69. uk hospy bungles cause baby deaths
  70. Some BEAUTIFUL yoni art! And a great website!
  71. Ew how violating
  72. Lamaze survey of consumers
  73. Write to YouTube
  74. great Aussie midwifery ad! VOTING DETAILS ADDED!!
  75. consumer birth survey