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  1. Medical Student Sex Scandal
  2. home versus hospital blog - GO POST!!!
  3. wiping out guilt by 2007
  4. Bombard a Dodgy Doctor today!
  5. Syd Morn Herald: Midwife-led births safer and cheaper
  6. This article makes me so angry!
  7. Post Partum PAP Smears
  8. Perinatal data Vic 2003-2004
  9. Birth and Consciousness- FANTASTIC article!!!
  10. Colic and CSection?
  11. Neg effects of U/S's
  12. RWH birth centre closure
  13. Figures for births in NSW - for individual hospitals
  14. NZ - Doctors should keep Mum about homebirth concerns
  15. positive vagina/yoni sites
  16. WTF!!!!!!
  17. Pregnancy Research
  18. 'Caesarean Birth Risk To Mum And Baby'
  19. The Witchhunt Continues: today in QLD
  20. Controlled crying - go be outraged!
  21. Womyn as reproductive vessels for men's seed
  22. Medical personnel use mannequin for birth training
  23. Nurse midwives becoming more mainstream
  24. Birthing Centres=witches on leashes
  25. My husband called me a ....
  26. 4 Newborns Die In Sth Africa- Due to Power Failure In Hospy
  27. woman sues for loss of vagina- ANOTHER knOb/hospy bungle!
  28. "Father forced to ******* stillborn baby"
  29. Genital mutilation leads to more child birth deaths
  30. "Aborted for Perfection"
  31. Natural birth - why the fear?
  32. Crap Hygiene in Hospys
  33. Please speak out against pregnancy "counsellors"
  34. letter to QNC from all JB? FINAL ROUND UP OF SIGS!
  35. "Brain-dead womn gives birth, then dies"
  36. good places for consumer input! Add yours in!
  37. Letters to the QNC
  38. Man holds elevator to ******* baby
  39. Letter to my MP
  40. a Get Up petition for QLD hb issues?
  41. Is this new or old?
  42. Feminist/Vagivist Books
  43. Call for donated items for Bali/Aceh midwifery clinics
  44. NSW Health Survey
  45. VAGINA NAMES brought to you by Kaz and Sazz
  46. QLD Births and HACK?
  47. Homebirthing Celebrities
  48. Its a war!
  49. An Interview with THE Janet Fraser!!!!!
  50. That Reyne whatsit gives me the irrits...
  51. C-sec on 9 y o Girl in Amazon
  52. QNC Reply
  53. Maternal Peace Politics
  54. Effect of Birth on the Baby in Later Life - Resources
  55. Midwifery Practice Review - Consumer Feedback Wanted
  56. Married to the Midwife
  57. Darwin Home Birth Group
  58. Unintended pregnancy linked to abuse?
  59. Medicare Item 16400 - Letter to Parliament
  60. I did my part
  61. HBAC goddess
  62. article: 1 midwife for each adelaide woman- new initiative
  63. hospy artificial lighting can affect babies bio-clocks
  64. Canberra wants CP'S who view birth as NORMAL!
  65. morning inductions are better... hurl-worthy article
  66. The Statistics of Oppression
  67. Home Birth Awareness Week and Reclaim the Night
  68. The "where" question in Birth
  69. More deaths for caesarean babies: BBC article
  70. Hospital rant
  71. "Natural birth vs. caesarian birth" discussion on
  72. US anti-episiotomy group
  73. share your VBAC and c-sec stories with CANA
  74. Perth CMP celebrates a decade!
  75. Breech Cesearean.