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  1. Placenta Abruption
  2. Placenta previa, csection, GA and breastfeeding - lots of questions
  3. Just met a young mum c/s - possible trigger?
  4. Cord prolapse
  5. Re-creating a birth to bond with my son
  6. It's all getting too much
  7. Trying to focus on the facts not my fears
  8. Who has had a breech VBAC freebirth?
  9. Hwbavba2c :)
  10. Will labour be different this time?
  11. Amazing caesarean birth artwork *possible trigger*
  12. What happens if it happens again?
  13. my story
  14. my story
  15. VBAC induction risk rates
  16. Low lying anterior placentas and stupid cesarean scars
  17. Placenta Previa
  18. Wound opening
  19. Fbac?
  20. Homebirth and PPH/Retained placenta?
  21. No contractions?
  22. What did your scar look like when you were pregnant?
  23. Pregnant after a C/S - what are the differences I can expect
  24. free birthing after caesarean
  25. I've Seen VBAC go wrong - And so now i'm scared to try
  26. Expected it to some degree, but still quite pissed off!
  27. An update!
  28. I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Help NZers! Any Auckland MWs for HVBAC?
  30. nerve damage after eipdural?
  31. Preparing for my HBAC
  32. Brisbane HBAC Help
  33. Hoping for a VBAC how long to wait before TTC. (my story is very sad neo natal death mentioned)
  34. Bit of a stress vomit post, sorry!
  35. Feeling a little unsupported...
  36. How to work through issues from previous birth?
  37. bad tear 1st time = c-section the 2nd??
  38. pre-eclampsia, premature birth and vbac/positive caesarian?
  39. Failed HBAC attempts?
  40. Stop & Start Labour anyone? **Babe earthside!**
  41. It was a HBAC... now I don't know what...
  42. hb-trsf-c/s would love doula / midwife thoughts
  43. SNAP POLL: Should I get my dating U/S done?
  44. HBAC take two?
  45. Feeling....I don't know...
  46. Head high - not engaged - at term, twice?
  47. Overheard on stupid mainstream show
  48. getting scared
  49. My sister just posted this link on her facebook :(
  50. fear?
  51. Tilted Pelvis?
  52. baby not engaging leading to long, slow labour?
  53. NSW Sydney and Central Coast Support for VBAC/NbAC
  54. vba3c and 7 children
  55. is it easy to get hosp records?
  56. Small cervix rant
  57. Urgent VBA2C Support Needed in Echuca VIC
  58. I will never understand this.
  59. Mixed feelings about friend's birth
  60. How long should a CS scar heal before next bub?
  61. Physical Healing after Caesarean
  62. Risks subsequent VBACs?
  63. Difference in PP bleed between cs and vaginal birth?
  64. One month until my HBAC and I haven't done any "preparation" ....
  65. Stupid in-laws ambushing our plans and rocking my confidence
  66. VBAC negativity (so annoying).
  67. How to find a doula or IM?
  68. How do I contact an obstetrician out of my catchment area?
  69. VBAC Risks in Perspective
  70. How do i go about finding an HBAC midwife in Perth?
  71. Ipswich (QLD) HBAC: IM & doula, where are you?!
  72. How to word VBAC questions for obstetricians
  73. Recommendations for a doula with VBAMC experience?
  74. Vaginal flora for older babies?
  75. questioning chiro during pregnancy- didn't work last time