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  1. induction info
  2. Timing of planned cesareans - blog post
  3. Freebirth?
  4. successful VBAclassicalC
  5. Fear - How to overcome it...
  6. Passive aggressive comments from my SIL
  7. Talked into a c-section.
  8. Not sure what to make of this!?
  9. Ripped from Mum.
  10. caesarean feelings - online survey
  11. Risks of Caesarean Section - a CIMS booklet so share widely
  12. Dream of a vba2c
  13. homebirth after caesarean Midwifery Today article
  14. vbac doesn't make it all better
  15. IM Costs
  16. Confused about the doctors point
  17. Partner's reaction to freebirth VBA2C
  18. The Most Important Thing
  19. Caesareans and grief
  20. Wanting a HBAC would love to calm some doubts
  21. Avoiding the first caesarean
  22. VBA2C twins? Any stories?
  23. VBA2C birth supporter - Taranaki, NZ
  24. Anxiety building for my VBAC - updated!
  25. Caveat Emptor: The Real Risks of Cesarean Section
  26. CEFM is crap
  27. vba2c??Help and advice please-due in 6 days!
  28. Eating after a c-sec
  29. Waterbirth with vba2c?
  30. My fears
  31. I have a DOULA!!!
  32. My waters just broke!!!!
  33. Here we go again! VBA2C wanted, homebirth? freebirth? hospital birth?
  34. Finding out a hospitals VBAC rates etc
  35. Placenta accreta - Any experience?
  36. syntocinon and cutting the cord
  37. Very nervous about having a hospital birth
  38. Surprise VBAC - OB/GYN blog
  39. URGENT - student mw/ trainee doula needed central coast NSW
  40. VBAC stats
  41. pre term labour
  42. To ob or not to ob?
  43. Do You Have a Story About Baby "Measuring Too Small..."?
  44. Got my hospital notes today and...
  45. What would you do?
  46. Post-Caesarean question...
  47. Freebirth after vab2c???
  48. Caesarian babies and their birth trauma
  49. The Age of the Unnecessarean
  50. Feeling a bit down
  51. Uterine rupture rates in VBAC
  52. Good advice from an unexpected source
  53. Scar pain while in labour
  54. Twin VBAC?
  55. Would you...
  56. Emergency hysterectomy caused by caesarean is on the rise
  57. "Emergency" C-section cartoon ****may be distressing****
  58. adverse maternal outcomes following a previous caesarean section
  59. Trying to make sense of everything...
  60. Something that wouldn't have been funny had I not been on this site...
  61. vba2c, what resources would you recommend??
  62. I can have just a birth, can't I?
  63. A bit of a debrief (a bit distressing, involves angel babies)
  64. Getting past the fear...
  65. Had an emerg. c/s... now my partner is planning her birth!
  66. Birth choices? Elective CS in public hospitals?
  67. 2nd VBA2C - please tell me the risks are less? Rupture rates etc?
  68. vbaced
  69. Planning VBAC but 35 weeks and baby measuring small, was normal size 4 weeks ago
  70. so many questions
  71. Finding balance at the moment...
  72. Thank you JB! I did it!
  73. What's you best tip for a HBAC?
  74. Pain relief after c-section
  75. What are the chances of something going wrong?