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  1. 2 external scars
  2. VBAC with PCOS?
  3. VBAC stats, hospy vs home?
  4. Another vbac question (re failed induction verses spontaneous labobur)
  5. Help! Literature on Inducing with Pre-Eclampsia!
  6. Oxytocin used to remove placenta in caesarean??
  7. Caesarean & Lotus Birth. Did you have one?
  8. Comparing the quality of life in women after normal de.livery and cesarean section.
  9. Is there a follow-up appt after a c/s?
  10. Small town no hb midwife
  11. How was your wound stitched up?
  12. Mulling some things around in my head...
  13. How long should you wait?
  14. VBAC - question on behalf of a friend
  15. Possible VBA2C - Not your normal VBA2C..
  16. Tips for reducing negative effects of Section
  17. can i be pregnant again please?
  18. "poor mummy" :cry
  19. Does anyone know the rate of Caesars...
  20. Successful hospital VBAC!!!!
  21. If you had staples...
  22. "Well because really we all know a c section is better!"
  23. Caesarean Art *warning, confronting*
  24. The gentle birth of Leo.. My (drug and intervention free) hospital VBA2C
  25. VBA3C attemptee
  26. Is this normal?
  27. When a friends birth brings up your own 'stuff'
  28. My cousin is suing for her botched c/s
  29. Scar still aches
  30. Yet another "VBAC is safer for babies" study
  31. Perimortem Caesarean D.elivery **graphic**
  32. Breech/twins VBAC/HBAC
  33. yet another "scheduled surgeries hurt babies" study
  34. I'm lost lol - VBAC
  35. Placenta attached to scar?
  36. Am I the only one who tries to validate the surgery?
  37. Questions to ask knOB at post c/s check-up?
  38. Don't know where to start
  39. Waiting two years to conceive after a caesarean?
  40. Uterine Rupture - your experiences or that of those who have had it happen!
  41. Caesarean birth in a culture of fear
  42. How did your "elective" caesarean/s come about?
  43. Epigenetic modulation at birth: altered DNA-methylation in white blood cells after C
  44. Planning to meet with a surgeon about 'future elective casarean' conclusion
  45. Cesearean times - Any statistics
  46. CS scars & VBAC
  47. Delayed cord clamping will cause you to bleed to death!
  48. Melbourne: Any VBAC supportive MWs?
  49. What's the "success" rate for VBAC homebirths?
  50. VBA2C's Info, support and such
  51. National Caesarean Awareness Day 2009
  52. Happy ending....HBA2C video *trigger warning - graphic CS d.elivery footage
  53. Alternatives for birthing after c/section in WA
  54. Had a birth, now planning a caesarean...
  55. Stories re VBAclassicalC?
  56. hormones from a vaginal birth V hormones in a caesarean?
  57. Rhetorical (de)vices and the construction of a 'natural' caesarean.
  58. Letter to a friend on her leaving the public system to pursue a vbac with a privateob
  59. Differences in development/behaviour in caesar & vag babies?
  60. Subsequent babies getting stuck as well?
  61. Its no wonder....
  62. Birth cut - caesarean website
  63. Silent knife
  64. Wtf?
  65. Does It? Really? “WHO Admits:There Is No Evidence for Recommending a 10-15% cs limit"
  66. Starting to address and understand 2nd Em C/S
  67. oh. powerful dream last night...
  68. Ummm...UBAC anyone?
  69. Is this possible?
  70. Scar during labour
  71. Help me overcome my fears
  72. Where do I start?
  73. Silent Knife
  74. info for my friend
  75. Transverse lie VBAC advice for friend