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  1. women's birthing power a challenge to patriarchy?
  2. FTP = lower VBAC success rates??
  3. Caesarean: dignified? cleaner? non-violent?
  4. Caesar under GA
  5. supporting friend after c section?
  6. writing letters
  7. Baby is breech - 37 wks - HBA2C in doubt...
  8. Opinions from CS Survivors Wanted...
  9. c/s pics WARNING GRAPHIC!!!
  10. HBA3C, how much more risky than after 1, or 2??
  11. I'm back, I'm pregnant and I'm going for a VBAC!
  12. Ignorance Or Something More Sinister?
  13. Did you get the birthing experience that was described on your Birth Plan?
  14. Should i get my records?
  15. Informed Consent Form for Caesarean Surgery
  16. I have a midwife!
  17. complications and vaginal birth
  18. Opinions on HBAC of Twins? What would you do?
  19. Caesarean Rate Higher Under Midwifery Care in NZ
  20. single stitch or double?
  21. Evidence based stats for HBAC vs VBAC
  22. Uterine rupture stats for prior c-sec
  23. Active Cesarean
  24. When is intervention necessary?
  25. Yet another Epi danger
  26. am I crazy, part 27
  27. How many planning/had HBA2C
  28. New study shows induction of labour DOESNT cause c-section?
  29. how long after a c-sect can I..
  30. caesarean rates in China
  31. Any one else have a hemorrhage from a caesarean??
  32. Homebirths??
  33. Vba4c Information
  34. I need VBAC stuff for my sister
  35. What do you tell your c-sec kids about their birth?
  36. Freaking out!
  37. BAC - just a birth!
  38. Freebirth after surgery photo video
  39. I loved seeing this birth
  40. Curious about scarring
  41. Ultrasound for scar thickness well into pregnancy?
  42. guess what
  43. Pulling sensations
  44. Tips on planning a vbac
  45. Accessing hospital records?
  46. bill of rights for hospital birthing women
  47. Broken Tailbone W/Nerve Damage= C/S?
  48. c-section birth plan
  49. What causes foetal distress?
  50. Article from Mothering mag
  51. pregnant!!!..... and psychic.....
  52. My Dream this morning
  53. VBA3C One of those being a classic incision at 24weeks gestation!!!
  54. Adhesions
  55. Beware claims of VBAC friendliness
  56. Concerns about the term 'HBAC woman'
  57. VBA2C in Brisbane
  58. Risk of UR 50 times greater????
  59. Anterior placenta and VBA2C
  60. And they say they are safe...
  61. How far is too far for vba2c?
  62. hypothetical question
  63. vba2c in Orange NSW... MIDWIFE REQUIRED baby update!
  64. Vba4c Questions
  65. Help for VBAC friend - c/s at 40+2!
  66. Anyone heard of Andrew Bisits and Carolyn Hastie??
  67. I got my c/s notes.
  68. Shall I even try: VBA2C?
  69. um yuck? scheduled surgeries are safe apparently
  70. Sex to induce VBAC
  71. Do you have to have CEFM for VBAC?
  72. Urgh, I hate the jealous feeling.
  73. Fear - Can I do this, am I ready? am I mad?
  74. Recovery / discomfort comparison
  75. Homebirth After 2 C Sections