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  1. Hmmm interesting... avoiding c-sec? ask another doc.
  2. spine involvement in natural birth?
  3. ob in public sector
  4. Caesarean drugs
  5. article by a woman with a HUGE empty cranium
  6. Out in 60 seconds? How long does it take?
  7. Getting stuff out there
  8. Caesarian Voices website
  9. I wish...
  10. Information Overload
  11. The pink kit
  12. C/sec bubs miss out on oxytocin surge that vaginally born bubs get
  13. Are IBS and c section linked??
  14. someone speaking sense about c/sections, in the media
  15. Is this right??
  16. Iugr
  17. The no-carb bandwagon and my midwife appt
  18. Freebirth after C-section back up plans?
  19. Retroplacental Haematoma Question
  20. Is this a real word - VTBAC...?
  21. Did you obtain your hospital records?
  22. HBA2C planning one - love to hear from others
  23. Myths and Truths: "Your uterus is too thin"
  24. Overcoming fear to have a hbac
  25. HBAC with only a DOULA?
  26. Thoughts about chiropractic for positioning?
  27. YAY me!
  28. I'm finally planning a birth!
  29. Journey to a birth
  30. I'm sure these people mean well...
  31. Comparing Hospital birth and Home birth - You decide! (hospy vbac vs HBA2C)
  32. Evening Primrose in late pregnancy - thoughts?!
  33. Flabbergasted...
  34. Marsden Wagner Born in the USA
  35. hospital back up appt
  36. CS Rate Lowered in Irish Hospital
  37. Flabbergasted...Part II
  38. A breath of sterlised air...
  39. talking to your child about his/her birth
  40. Not a 'low-risk' birth.
  41. Monitoring in labour with a previous c-section
  42. &*%$#$ fight with dh over overbearing Texan's "gift"
  43. Whats the go with breech when planning vbac.
  44. New Studies state the obvious
  45. Asthma, labour, and C/S?
  46. Ended in CSect
  47. Maternal death after CS
  48. legitimate reasons for a cs?
  49. HVBAC midwife in Brisbane area?
  50. Lucky birthday: Another stupid reason for a c/s
  51. DVD - The Birth of Aasha
  52. classical CS and rupture risk
  53. Homebirth and FHR monitoring
  54. Great news!!!
  55. how did you distract yourself?
  56. Help getting over unnecessary caesar
  57. C-sect for breech
  58. Is this true?
  59. New research on CS risks
  60. It's all gone to shit
  61. *ding* lightbulb moment
  62. Finally, a woman suing for being coerced into an unnecessary c/sec!!
  63. Arm
  64. Time between CS and VBAC
  65. Vaginal Birth a Safe Option After Multiple C-Sections
  66. HBAC support?
  67. Devistated Doula
  68. Risks of Surgery
  69. HBA3C slideshow....GET TISSUES NOW!!
  70. I'm an aunty...
  71. **Birth Stories Needed**
  72. Caesarean Birth Plan Please???
  73. What foiled your VBAC?
  74. Its my time
  75. Can I HBA2C next door to a building site??