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  1. Finding a birth attendant or doula in your area.
  2. herbal helpers
  3. Doula Articles
  4. doulas in South Australia
  5. national - birth pools
  6. Needs some support
  7. I need a HB friendly GP in Brisbane
  8. Do you need a doula? - Melbourne
  9. nitty gritty transfer booking
  10. Choosing a Midwife Question
  11. Homebirths in Perth
  12. Homebirth midwife in Southland, New Zealand
  13. HBA no longer covers homebirth in Melbourne
  14. Who to have at my home birth?? Birth team suggestions?
  15. Follow Through Journey (conecting with a midwifery student)
  16. unregistered midwife?
  17. Anyone done Hypno birthing and Body work?
  18. Birthing pool help please :)
  19. rejected by my doctor...
  20. Birth in Bundaberg
  21. Student midwife job in Alaska
  22. Natural Birth Education and Research Centre
  23. "You cant have a homebirth if baby is still breech...&q
  24. Doula in Training - Need to attend Births to qualify BRIS
  25. natural help for miscarriage to progress?
  26. how do i find a midwife to attend homebirth?
  27. JB Sydney doulas?
  28. For info about Doulas
  29. Home birth in Brisbane
  30. HBA Private Health Insurance
  31. help me find a midwife in Melbourne please
  32. National & State Perinatal Statistics
  33. Homebirth in Albury/Wodonga and NE Victoria
  34. ACM midwives' practice guidelines
  35. I think I may have a ...MIDWIFE!!!!!
  36. Midwife in Rockhampton, QLD
  37. Birthing in Brisbane.... or near there...
  38. how did you find your homebirth attendant?
  39. Midwives
  40. Bleeding
  41. IM's who come up the mountains?
  42. Indie Mids in Melbourne
  43. names and numbers please
  44. Birth support person confusion!
  45. Having a homebirth in Sydney?
  46. Doulas on the Gold Coast
  47. Really good Melb Midwives: Send me your thoughts please
  48. Merrimbula/Bega/Coma/ACT Midwife
  49. Paying for initial meeting with a prospective midwife- URGENT
  50. One midwife or Two? How many hands did you have or do you plan to have?
  51. Back rubbing - was it essential or a dsitraction?
  52. Procrastinating....
  53. Calling all HB Midwives & Doulas! (Qld, NSW)
  54. Looking for Melbourne Midwifes
  55. brissie student doula's ???
  56. Heeeeelp, what are my options?
  57. Contradictions to Doula Code of Conduct
  58. Can I hope to find a Doula this late in pregnancy?
  59. Discussion on Dilation, Methods for Observing, and the Need For Them
  60. IM in Narrabri area?
  61. Brissy midwives/experienced doula's?
  62. Midwifes in SA?
  63. Seeking a HB MW in Melbourne - please post your birth story!
  64. 3mum
  65. When to do the MW ring around?
  66. Student midwives offering support
  67. Homebirth through the Community Midwives (nth Adelaide)
  68. Finding a midwife in rural SA
  69. We have decided to use a doula!
  70. birth plans
  71. Brisbane MW?
  72. feedback re: Sydney IM's wanted!
  73. Are there Sydney IMs on JB?
  74. Doula as childrens support person
  75. Looking for midwives at/near Narre Warren, help?