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  1. midwife in Frankston Vic
  2. Midwives who service the Bankstown area
  3. Any doulas in the Mt Beauty area?
  4. Reccomondations in the Northern suburbs Melbourne
  5. IM or HBdoula in sth east of sa
  6. can someone help me find ...
  7. Doula Training Options
  8. Traditional Midwifery Workshops
  9. help to find Qld midwife ?
  10. has anyone had to use the backup m/w instead of their primary m/w?
  11. Can anyone tell me about Kate Larvin?
  12. Freebirthing supporting doulas around Bendigo area
  13. Doula / Midwife in ACT
  14. Student Midwife/Doula in Brisbane-ish Area?
  15. 'Older' midwife - Enid - anyone know her?
  16. Midwife in SW Vic - any recommendations?
  17. Has anyone done the Shamanic Midwifery course with Jane Hardwicke Collings?
  18. Anyone know of IM or doula's who will support twin homebirth in Daylesford area?
  19. What are doulas allowed to say??
  20. Looking for an IM around Warwick QLD?
  21. Student midwife in Melbourne
  22. Am I still considered high risk?
  23. Very late looking for midwife Central Coast NSW
  24. What responsibilities do consumers have towards midwives?
  25. Ballarat IM's?
  26. Seeking a doula in Tasmania.
  27. Looking for an experienced woman and baby centred birth attendant...
  28. Finding a MW - how do you 'know'?
  29. Doulas in Geelong
  30. IM in Perth
  31. Doula seeking clients
  32. Looking for Homebirth Midwife in Brisbane (Logan area)
  33. Looking for some info for a friend - Bendigo area
  34. Seeking student doula on the Sunshine coast
  35. Seeking Doula to attend Spring Birth in North Brisbane area
  36. How many midwives to interview?
  37. GP in Fremantle or Cockburn area?
  38. Costs of a MW at home since the new laws
  39. Melbournites, please tell me about your IM
  40. Mt Isa recommendations for midwife/birth attendant?
  41. Doula recommendations for Melbourne, for support near Werribee
  42. Anyone used Central Victorian Midwifery Group??
  43. IMs on the Gold Coast?
  44. Affording a HB?
  45. Doula recs for inner Melb
  46. IM's on the Geelong side of Melbourne?
  47. hoembirth midwife for the Sunshine Coast in the coming weeks?
  48. Doula's - what's a 'normal' number of visits?
  49. Midwives/doulas in North East Victoria?
  50. IM recommendations for Northern Rivers area ( Lull
  51. plan for a hb and have hosp prenatal
  52. So how do I get support for a really long labour?
  53. Wanting to know more about CMWA ...
  54. melbourne doula suggestions please!
  55. Melbourne/Geelong homebirth midwife/birthworker suggestions please
  56. IM for postnatal care - yay or nay?
  57. Liner for spa?
  58. Urgent contacts needed (doulas, IMs) for VBA2C in Coffs Harbour area
  59. Doula and birth attendant registry?
  60. Sydney area midwife willing to travel to Canberra and Newcastle?
  61. Rachael Austin
  62. Brisbane placenta encapuslator?
  63. Looking for a midwife in Perth
  64. Home birth is somewhat of an option
  65. birth support for Bathurst - soon!
  66. IM in SW Vic?
  67. Looking for my midwife
  68. planning a freer pregnancy, birth and a visitor free baby moon. ...
  69. Advice needed - a glitch in my midwife plan
  70. Homebirth options in Bellingen/Coffs area?