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  1. Action: Parliament House September 7
  2. We're gonna drive a bus to Canberra from Melbourne to save homebirth!!!
  3. Any way to support the Canberra Rally from home?
  4. Logistics - Bus from Melbourne to Canberra *IMPORTANT!*
  5. Billeting for Sept Canberra rally
  6. Rally slogans
  7. Melb to Canberra train info
  8. making placards for the Canberra rally
  9. Rally dinner confirmations
  10. draft legislation impacting homebirth
  11. sign making workshop Sunday 6th?
  12. What's on in Canberra around the rally?
  13. Send a campaign suggestion to Get Up! about mat reform
  14. Canberrans, help with details!
  15. volunteers for Canberra rally needed
  16. fliers advertising Canberra rally - print and hand out or pin up
  17. For those that can't physically go..
  18. Local MPs
  19. More Legislation Impacting Homebirth
  20. Not on the Rally, but related
  21. What Women Want political Party
  22. It IS Making A Difference
  23. The Right to Homebirth Tour
  24. Brisbane Rally?
  25. One stop thread for Support Checklist?
  26. Transporting infants on the plane and in Canberra
  27. for any one who can't go to the rally
  28. if you're not going, put your name here to be included in the virtual attendance
  29. who's going to the rally!?
  30. Facebook group
  31. Perthies and the Rally.
  32. Contacting Members of Parliament - a guide.
  33. see online and IRL banners and placards here!
  34. Weather in Canberra in Sept?
  35. HBA have reworked their press release
  36. Driving down from Brisbane - places to stay?
  37. Places to stop for a break Townsville - Canberra
  38. Country Women's Association
  39. Sydney Banner Making Day
  40. co-ordinated state rallies
  41. what is the rally for?
  42. Go forth and Distribute
  43. I am having 10,000 rally flyers printed
  44. Chatting with your local MP
  45. My Action Checklist
  46. Balloons - your opinions please.
  47. a montage for the current campaign - your help needed!
  48. please list relevant blog entries here
  49. New Fakebook group - Help save the right of women to birth their babies at home
  50. Stakeholder forum for Bill B in Adelaide
  51. where's the link?
  52. Penalties
  53. Correct letter writing to MPs
  54. My letter to my MP (gonna give to neighbours to send too!)
  55. NW News interview - Brisbane women
  56. What do we want?
  57. financial assiatnce for those that want to go but cant afford it?
  58. dear neighbour
  59. Letters from men
  60. Petitions anyone done one?
  61. Celebrities
  62. Central Coast banner making day....
  63. Newcastle-Sydney-Canberra Bus? Feedback needed
  64. My video letter opposing the new Legislation
  65. Perth Planning Meeting?
  66. Sunrise activism anyone?
  67. Time frame for letters to MP's?
  68. Senators
  69. Visiting Politicians- notes from our visit
  70. How can we stand out in the crowd? Clothing Idea.
  71. woman's song to nicola .. please watch
  72. Brisbane women help needed for interview
  73. Posters at Unis?
  74. An alternate anthem for the rally?
  75. Kids Tees for the Rally