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  1. List of homebirth friendly pollies?
  2. Your quality and safety framework
  3. Looking for birth video footage...
  4. ABC Campaign Pulse
  5. Sydney Screening: Throwing Out the Lies with the Birth Water
  6. I want an alternative to obstetrically managed birth
  7. Newcastle Screening- Throwing the Lies Out With the Birth Water
  8. The attitudes of women on the Northern beaches, sydney
  9. Roxon and Dutton in Canberra today
  10. Where are they today?
  11. Hobart screening - Throwing Out The Lies With The Birth Water
  12. Protest rally at NPC this Thursday
  13. Gillard sells out - Youtube vid
  14. One year ago Monday....
  15. The mother of all rallies one year on.
  16. The new montage: Homebirth vs Hospital
  17. Do you have a homebirth pic with a big smile in it?
  18. Homebirth on radio
  19. Home and hospital births pics with partners in them?
  20. Homebirth Blog Carnival for HBAW
  21. Orange/Central West Screening- Throwing Out the Lies with the Birth Water
  22. Please sign/share/email/blog/fb/tweet/etc this petition
  23. Perth screening "Throwing out the lies with the Birthwater"
  24. Legal opinion on midwife assisted homebirth and human rights
  25. I need help deciphering this new legislation!
  26. RIP - Dr. John Stevenson
  27. URGENT REQUEST!! Submissions needed, THURS 14th Deadline
  28. so the new registration system is going well then?
  29. current homebirth campaigns? what's the update?
  30. Important Reading!! Homebirth Position Statement Draft reviewed
  31. Fact checkers please! My speech for the screening today *URGENT*
  32. Save HBAC in Australia!
  33. Position Statements from ACM about homebirth are out.
  34. The Exemption has been Extended
  35. Rally to show ACM you care. Sydney, 19 Oct.
  36. Transferring to hospital with an independent midwife?
  37. New Guidelines.
  38. my local mp is a homebirther!!!
  39. Write a letter: "please change your rules about HBAC"
  40. Midwife asks, how much should private midwifery cost :)
  41. New Position Statement from ACM out.
  42. Fundraising for midwife's legal fees
  43. Selling out
  44. Homebirth Parents meme
  45. DHA Survey on Birth "Choices"
  46. fundraising to help TM cover legal battle
  47. Childrens clothing fundraiser - 15% of sales go to TM
  48. Sonja and the HCCC
  49. A little gift of support for Sonja McGregor
  50. Anyone ever notice this site before?????
  51. Further exemption PLUS collaboration changes
  52. New homebirth documentary - being with her
  53. I wish homebirth was illegal
  54. Tell the ACCC to free up birth!
  55. Freedom for Birth doco
  56. Support Sonja!
  57. Homebirthers in Greece on trial - petition
  58. Tanja Kahl seeking VIC women's birth stories for Human Rights in Childbirth forum
  59. Why should you come to Trust Birth?
  60. Greens maternity care survey
  61. Auction to Raise Money for Trust Birth
  62. Owning Our Own Labour Day- Sydney 2013
  63. Current status on IM & insurance?
  64. QLD midwife under attack needs assistance
  65. How to dump your non compliant client and feel fine about it
  66. Like to do a survey about health legislation and human rights, among other things?
  67. Say goodbye to non-Medicare eligible midwives
  68. Submit your stories for our report to Australian Human Rights Commission
  69. Rally for autonomy in homebirth 25 June Canberra
  70. Please Thunderclap for homebirth!
  71. Are we free? Rally speech, Canberra, June 2015.