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  1. Bill in Senate this week - write to Senators urgently
  2. I got U-Tubed!!
  3. Thankyou Evelynn!
  4. Legislation campaign update - Homebirth Exemption - Don't Be Fooled!!
  5. 28th Oct. The latest from Nicola, she who doesn't give a shit..
  6. total attack on home midwifery as we know it - news from Homebirth Australia
  7. Tell me about Canada and homebirth
  8. Brisbane Rally-9th Nov 09 @ 10:30am
  9. Melbourne Rally - Monday 9th November
  10. my letter to Julia Gillard
  11. need a helicopter helper for Monday's rally
  12. Roxon's media release about the amendments
  13. Rally Organisation area is renamed to reflect the ongoing struggle
  14. Sydney rally on Monday!
  15. 'Calling Card' for tomorrows Rally
  16. Lismore Rally - Janelles Saffins office 11am
  17. I know it's late but...calling card
  18. Joyous Birth rally statement for Nov 9 rallies
  19. your guide to what the laws mean courtesy of MC
  20. Local coverage of Perth Rally today
  21. Let's write letters to the newspapers!
  22. I don't get it?
  23. National Women's Health Policy: Consultation Submissions
  24. Bumper stickers
  25. Not sure if this is true or not, but if it is, it's potentially good news.
  26. another chance to comment on the legislation deadline 11 Dec
  27. Do naturopaths have to collaborate?
  28. Senate Inquiry Brief- MC
  29. Community meeting Diamond Valley (Melbourne)
  30. The Real Birth Wars
  31. What does this news mean for you all?
  32. Northwest News interested again (Brisbane)
  33. Crikey guide to REALLY writing to pollies
  34. Transcript of Senate Enquiry 17/12
  35. Rally in Melbourne at AMA on Wednesday 20th January
  36. Senate has reported
  37. Midwives protest contracts with doctors
  38. writing letters that get listened to
  39. The White Australia Policy...I mean MSR?
  40. Need help with a response please
  41. Writing to Fielding and Xenaphon?
  42. My Body, My Baby, MY RIGHT TO DECIDE, NOT KEVIN RUDD’s Ballarat 18 Feb 2010
  43. National Day of Action Rally
  44. "I believe in evidence based policy" - KRudd
  45. Hungry Beast
  46. Protecting and Promoting Women’s Rights in Australia seminar - let's participate
  47. My Body, My Baby, MY RIGHT TO DECIDE, NOT KEVIN RUDD’s Feb 18 - Sydney Rally
  48. 18 Feb national day of action around choice - please check you know what's happening
  49. Full event listing for National Day of Action - OUR BODIES, OUR BABIES, OUR RIGHTS
  50. I'm an optometrist and I view homebirth as safe ...
  51. How did it go??
  52. I thought I'd share my speech from the homebirth rally today
  53. T Shirts - are there more in the pipleine? Could someone please let me know?
  54. NHMRC and That Collaboration Document
  55. Midwife on the move!
  56. govt "fact" sheet on maternity reform *bullshit warning*
  57. "Eligible Midwives" - Draft Framework released - another submission by Tues!!
  58. NY State has also lost homebirth over "collaboration"
  59. 13 for 5: we can do it
  60. Health reform ads - pretty pictures?
  61. State Sanctioned Birth
  62. Definition of an "eligible midwife"
  63. Fundraiser To Help Local Midwife With Legal Costs Of Persecution Daylesford 26/6
  64. 'Midwife Support Victoria' Bank Account Details For Donations. Please help.
  65. govt funded homebirth in Canada - what's that like for women?
  66. Help me collate a timeline of the degradation of midwifery in Australia
  67. can someone decipher my letter from roxons' office?
  68. "Throwing out the lies with the birth water"
  69. Things I have more say in than my birth choices
  70. Legally binding midwives to doctors is not collaboration
  71. *virtual vigil* The Nat Reg legislation comes into being 1 July 2010
  72. Homebirth. It just is.
  73. THIS Is Why We Birth At Home. Another Corker From The Creator Of Hathor The Cow Goddess
  74. OK, so a pretty stupid question but...
  75. National Health (Collaborative arrangements for midwives) Determination 2010