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  1. Indigenous Women at JB Dinner
  2. Central Coast Home Birth Supporters
  3. Quote about home birth helping other natural birth?
  4. Dutch Home Birth - MP visit info
  5. please share your preparation and rally pics so I can montage them up
  6. National Call to Action Final week to contact your Labor MPs!
  7. Dinner Payments please read PLEASE PAY UP WE NEED YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS
  8. Rally Dinner Food Contributions
  9. minus 2 degrees in Canberra today (top of 16)
  10. Does anyone need to borrow a carseat?
  11. Clothing Pool for Northerners
  12. Free Bus to the Rally
  13. Anyone from Gympie going to rally?
  14. Who wants to walk to the rally from the Hyatt?
  15. Attention is your name on this list?
  16. Food on the day
  17. Acknowledgement of Country - Tent Embassy
  18. Song to Nicola Roxon NEW
  19. Running Sheet for the Rally
  20. Homebirth Video Letter on Utube - please forward to MPs
  21. Central Coast Banner Day on NBN News
  22. Are you prepared to be interviwed at the rally?
  23. Purple baloons on car
  24. I got matching replies from Roxon and Rudd
  25. Dunny situation
  26. Farewell Everyone ~ Happy Travels ;-)
  27. Need accommodation Sun night
  28. sunrise sept 7 Justine Caines & Andrew Pesce
  29. Seats on Free Bus from Central Coast
  30. I want to load up my ipod!
  31. WWYD? Two slings or pram?
  32. *General excitement* OMG I can't believe I'm going on a protest rally!
  33. Anyone in Wangaratta need a lift?
  34. Roxon announcement?
  35. Roxon backs down on homebirth law
  36. Heading off tomorrow...
  37. Pack your woolies people
  38. Goodluck at the Rally
  39. Women's business
  40. Big Banner For Heads
  41. Casso please contact me
  42. Road trip snacks?
  43. taking things over the border?
  44. Food @ the rally?
  45. Anyone in need of a hotel room tomorrow night?
  46. Bunking in
  47. Meeting place?
  48. Banner poles what length
  49. Weston Park today
  50. Please remember to bring chairs and heaters :)
  51. NEWS Coverage of the Rally
  52. Lost Property
  53. JB Dinner Was........
  54. Heard anything?
  55. Resumption of the debate in Parliament
  56. Senator Rachel Siewert speaks at the homebirths rally at Parliament House, Canberra.
  57. Adelaide Rally
  58. debate live now
  59. ABC Life Matters Radio Interview Justine Caines 07/09/09
  60. House of Reps Hansard 07/09/09
  61. So.... now what?
  62. JB dinner pics?
  63. Andrew Laming
  64. House of Reps homebirth debate is on again now!
  65. Pre and post-rally media links - add your local links
  66. Hansard House of Reps 08/09/09 Mirabella's amendments
  67. Did a woman go into labour at the rally?
  68. The Petition for the Rights of Childbearing Women - send to senators TODAY
  69. Breastfeeding amendment rejected by libs *update: it's been passed!*
  70. Andrew Laming speech House of Reps 09/09/09
  71. Belated thanks!
  72. A video summary of the rally in Canberra
  73. My 7 y.o son educating his peers!
  74. personal highlights of the rally
  75. A step (perhaps) in the right direction???