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  1. Anyone Want A Lift To Canberra?
  2. short clip of todays rally -
  3. going to canberra!
  4. Anyone Staying At Canberra South Motor Park ~ Motel, Cabins & Camping?
  5. Circus Show near Byron?
  6. HomeBirth Circus Show - CONFIRMED TOUR DATES
  7. Anyone Stuffed Around By Airlines Worried About Staying Overnight, Read This:-
  8. Senate Inquiry Streaming
  9. Do you want to star in my video?
  10. virgin flight canb-melbs 5pm
  11. children at MP meetings
  12. Bumper stickers are here! $2
  13. CHEAP Accommodation For The Rally HERE
  14. Senate Transscript from August 6th
  15. Who's taking the train from Sydney to Canberra?
  16. Free accomodation
  17. closing down maternity departments earlier this year??
  18. Our meeting with a Federal Member (Victoria)
  19. Wanted: JB Mumma To Home Birth For Dummies Type Article To Engage Rally Interest
  20. ID for infant
  21. House of Representatives to begin debate this wednesday aug 13
  22. Cheap flights.
  23. JBs in Albury/Wodonga - anyone have spare room/floor space for overnight stay?
  24. State Rallies
  25. Virtual Attendees - How Do You See Yourselves?
  26. UK Government pledges all women can access home birth by end of the year
  27. Want rally flyers? Pm me your postal address
  28. 1900+ senate submissions on the website
  29. DVDs for bus
  30. Have your say on ALP website
  31. taxi travel with an infant?
  32. What are people using as handles for their signs?
  33. Where is the rally flyer?
  34. Rally Tshirt Artwork - use if you want
  35. Bill being debated in Parliament NOW
  36. transcript from todays house of reps
  37. T shirts for the rally
  38. Andrew Laming's Homebirth speech House of Reps 20/08/09
  39. List of Email addresses of Members of Parliament
  40. Draft Petitions for your Local MP/Electorate
  41. Banner
  42. Youtube - watch Andrew Laming's Homebirth speech House of Reps 20/08/09
  43. Plan of action between now and Sept 7 - from HBA
  44. Conduit for placards
  45. Grab these banners for your site/blog/myspace/facebook
  46. Film Maker wants a lift to Canberra in van, bus or convoy
  47. Image for T-shirt - *MAY TRIGGER*
  48. Homebirth Access Sydney met the minister
  49. Would anyone be interested in attending a rally in Ballarat?
  50. for all victorians coming to rally
  51. cheap car hire
  52. Here's an opportunity to raise "particular issues"
  53. Virtual Attendance - Help Needed!
  54. Rally Flickr Group
  55. Attending Dinner *MUST READ*
  56. We got air time!!!!
  57. Travelling back from the rally
  58. Costumes
  59. room for 2 more in drive from Melb. to Canberra rally
  60. Am I going off topic?
  61. Just received this via email
  62. Homebirth Circus Tour VENUE CHANGE
  63. Honouring the traditional custodians
  64. Bus from the Blue Mountains to Canberra
  65. HBA Photo Fundraising Proceeds going to Student Midwives
  66. Passionate homebirth advocacy speech and song by a 6-year-old
  67. Anything planned for Victoria on Rally day?
  68. Can you sew?
  69. Ignorant or unaware MP
  70. Dinner Payment details
  71. updates ..
  72. Banner Making Gathering Thursday - Northern Beaches, Sydney
  73. Canberra weather
  74. Help??
  75. Stop press