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  1. another letter to my MP
  2. Listen to what Sophie Mirabella has to say
  3. Sending this to a few MP's - suggestions on content/editing?
  4. Stickers
  5. Working Bee for Jeepo's motor transplant .. please help ..
  6. It's OK - they're only trying to stamp out *independent* homebirth midwifery!
  7. Day of action updates please!
  8. The Office for Women's Policy
  9. Flights to Canberra
  10. Ask a Canberran.... local knowledge here
  11. Legislation adversely affecting Pharmacies too.
  12. Is the timing of the rally preventing our MPs from seeing us?
  13. Outlawing homebirth is #1 article on reddit
  14. Rally Advocacy JB shirts (Cafepress)
  15. badges/buttons for Rally
  16. Outcome of meeting with Senator
  17. I'm a violinist and i homebirth!
  18. Crown Plaza Accomm $149 p/n
  19. Senate inquiry - submissions needed by 20 July
  20. Help me with references
  21. Human Rights Commission
  22. Points to discuss on the 17th at my place
  23. SouleMama loves my Huz!!
  24. Homebirth Rights Montage by HBA
  25. My protest song to save homebirth
  26. Interval CD for Show
  27. Very important submission due by 17 July - PLEASE READ THIS!
  28. instead of watching masterchef tonight.....
  29. Addressing the Leader of the Opposition and others
  30. South Australians - Urgent - Kevin Rudd meeting
  31. My Dh put this up on his gallery to draw attention to the rally
  32. What have you written?
  33. Anyone contacted Triple J - Hack?
  34. Can't find this article "How safe is hospital birth"
  35. Another angle- less choice for country women
  36. South Australians - Jamie Briggs MP meeting
  37. Submission Procrastination - 10 Minute Experiment
  38. GetUp survey - includes questions on the homebirth legislation
  39. Want to ask Roxon some questions on tv?
  40. Inspirational words from Marsden Wagner
  41. Good meeting with our MP
  42. Womensweb
  43. Another Senate Submission - extended to 6th August
  44. Quick answers needed please
  45. Questions about rally
  46. Post your comments on Tammy Lobato's Facebook page
  47. Sunday Night - producers want unassisted birthers
  48. We ARE being heard! Keep fighting!
  49. Final numbers for rally
  50. Accomodation in Canberra??... help!
  51. Pics needed!!
  52. Q&A for Nicola Roxon
  53. My meeting with Jamie Briggs MP today - Yay, there's hope!
  54. Another meeting! My mate and Senator Fielding
  55. New letter to MP for the stall tomorrow...is it ok?
  56. I'm meeting Nicola on Tuesday...
  57. Preserving Birth Choices Stall! SUCCESS!!
  58. What's in your info kit?
  59. Info Stall Kit
  60. 8 doctors, no midwives and few consumers in Maternity Services Advisory Group
  61. need a volunteer who can write
  62. Nicola Roxon and her advisors' email addresses
  63. Senate submissions now released
  64. KRudd's twitter and blog now on health - go comment and email!
  65. What has changed in 10 years?
  66. she will always carry on ..
  67. Extremely thrilled - offer of help from Tracy Bartram and definitely no E
  68. proposed mini protest outside Nicola Roxon's office Tuesday 4th august
  69. Greens will move to protect women's right to choose homebirth!
  70. MP letters from non homebirthers
  71. PERTHIES: Campaigning in the Streets
  72. Call from Qantas
  73. Addressing Shadow Ministers
  74. Has anyone approached Quentin Bryce or the CWA for support?
  75. Rikki Lake on "Sunday Night"