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  1. is home birth for you?
  2. The Place of Birth
  3. Getting what you want for your birth experience
  4. The Homebirth Choice
  5. Homebirth: What Are the Issues?
  6. woman and OB - an equal relationship?
  7. some great midwifery sites outside Australia
  8. Your reasons for choosing Homebirth
  9. 10 reasons home birth is a great choice!
  10. Home superior to hospital birth BMJ June 2005
  11. Did you choose home birth the first time?
  12. Some British Medical Journal articles on the safety of homebirth
  13. consuming and home birth
  14. Why did you choose hospital birth?
  15. home safer than hospital - again!
  16. Risk, safety and ideas of choice in childbirth - a talk.
  17. routine interventions in labour and birth
  18. how NOT to use evidence
  19. Henci Goer refuting the ACOG "study"
  20. Check out these c-sec rates!!!!
  21. Do women benefit from routine obstetric input?
  22. midwifery view of induction of labour
  23. Recent studies show home birth safe, episiotomy is harmful
  24. health insurance companies that pay for hb - part AND all!
  25. birth defects?
  26. Language of Birth
  27. home birth supplies? hints and tips?
  28. This will make you laugh bitterly
  29. grrrrrrrrreat quotes - they'll make you grrrrrr
  30. Why choose a surgeon?
  31. Water birth / homebirth rates
  32. TENS machine
  33. Oh so THAT'S why I'm a home birther!
  34. a few more reasons to birth at home
  35. some c-sec info from QLD
  36. patterns of choices in first time mums
  37. why one woman is choosing homebirth before conception
  38. It was OBVIOUS obs are knobs, even back in the 1920's!
  39. Article: Homebirth on the rise in the UK!
  40. Something to remember when comparing mortality rates....
  41. Let's blast the stereotype!
  42. Putting reproductive risks in perspective
  43. My poem: Choosing Empowering Birth
  44. Unassisted childbirth DVD & doula book
  45. Why Homebirth?: A lovely article
  46. free sample freebirth documentary clip
  47. Hypnosis for pain free birth
  48. Good one for dads - birth as a bowel movement!
  49. What's so bad about pain anyway?
  50. Physiological vs. managed 3rd stage
  51. A place to birth just in case!
  52. read here for some vigorous head nodding!
  53. hot water heaters and home birth
  54. DH's concerns about safety + emergencies in HB, vs hospy
  55. Statistical Rates of Homebirth Transfer 2003-2004
  56. Statistic Rates of Birth Centre Transfer 2003-2004
  57. Hospital Statistics for 2003-2004 (to compare)
  58. More articles on HB
  59. Perspective on perceptions of risk
  60. consumer/MW model?
  61. birth before 37 weeks
  62. List of Qn's to ask Midwife
  63. A Homebirth Poem by ***** O'Connor
  64. Most helpful book for hb?
  65. weighing baby after birth
  66. Emptying the birth pool
  67. Oxygen tanks
  68. What did your MW bring to your birth?
  69. Help! Tap adapters
  70. Home visits or office visits? Both?
  71. Gaskin on why we need hb
  72. What should a freebirthing partner know?
  73. Did you refuse to transfer? What happened?
  74. debunking Pang
  75. People against birth out of Hospital??