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  1. Syntocinon prescription??
  2. Probably 'househunting' again due to midwife's concerns... need all the help we can get!
  3. help me find melbourne midwives please!
  4. Where to buy Shepards Purse
  5. Eligible Midwives?
  6. Homebirth - how important is it to have a birth pool?
  7. How early (or late) to start MW care?
  8. So, I find myself planning another freebirth
  9. Inside the Human Body - birth is dangerous
  10. Probably way too early but after recommendations/suggestions
  11. Will the Mater turn away a client who is not in their catchment in the case of emergency?
  12. Intuition or fear ?
  13. The Options Aren't Looking Too Good...
  14. Trying to decide on IM
  15. Any Doulas/student Doulas Inverell Nsw?
  16. Interesting doctor visit
  17. Having a Doula too.....?
  18. Questions to ask a Doula?
  19. Brisbane mw help please!
  20. Would you consider this?
  21. FYI - South Australian Pregnancy Outcomes Data 2009
  22. NSW 2009 mothers and babies report? Have you seen it?
  23. Mt Isa birth help please - urgent
  24. Looking for doula in Bendigo
  25. Birthworker or midwife in Byron Ballina area?
  26. When you can't choose to birth at home...?
  27. What lead to your "cascade of interventions" / caesar?
  28. Medicare eligible midwife?
  29. Has anyone put in a claim with Teachers Health?
  30. Hospital birthing options around Newcastle
  31. Back-Up Hospital
  32. Doula located in Western Sydney - for birth centre birth
  33. How did you know if your midwife was the right one for you?
  34. Setting up your birth space
  35. Trust Birth?
  36. Was your first baby born at home?
  37. Friends?
  38. resources in Mandarin Chinese
  39. Last two decades see decrease in oxygen deprivation deaths?
  40. Options, what options?
  41. cost of homebirth?
  42. Insurance for registered HB IM
  43. Were you scared or fearful before your first birth experience?
  44. HB in Tas?
  45. What support person/people did you use for your homebirth?
  46. Help with finding birth support (QLD)
  47. Questions for those who've had to transfer (esp UCers)
  48. What is fetal distress?
  49. ultrasound where?
  50. Midwives: must you notify local hospy of poss freebirth?
  51. Midwife recs around Melb
  52. home birth options melb.
  53. Hospital refuses to supply me with a letter, Can't register DD's birth
  54. cant find thread
  55. Prenatal care -freebirthers
  56. Medicare Eligible Midwives by State
  57. Ecstatically planning my VBAC
  58. Older Children at Birth
  59. Midwife taking over 1/2 way through question
  60. "Truly consumer focused care in the home"
  61. Placenta Preperation
  62. Birth Centres: Just a hoax?
  63. This is just a random question re preterm babies & freebirth
  64. How can I prepare my children for a birth???
  65. Pros and Cons Birth Pool, vs Bath vs Shower
  66. Heart vs head/freebirth vs IM
  67. Hypnosis & Relaxation CDs for pregnancy and birth
  68. Birth Pool Question
  69. Brisbane or Ipswich midwives who will travel?
  70. Birth pools and high set houses
  71. Tank Water in Birth Pool
  72. Finding the right midwife/careprovider/birth advocate for you - some possible questions
  73. DP not supportive of homebirth :(
  74. Establishing roles for support people?
  75. Is freebirth legal?