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  1. A Letter To My Midwife Sisters
  2. An Australian history of the subordination of midwifery
  3. Think a BC is "like" homebirth?
  4. Pregnant and debating my options. Convince me please!
  5. why not to have the GD test - some reasons to give an OB please?
  6. IM for Mildura
  7. Perth IM information/recommendations
  8. Discrediting yet another fake study - Wax et al 2010
  9. fathers at homebirths
  10. Looking for a study
  11. Oxygen at homebirth
  12. Did you homebirth and transfer with your first?
  13. Cord Around Neck Questions
  14. need homebirth info
  15. BirthSmart TM the video!
  16. sleepless night - transverse?
  17. IM's in Western Australia..Who did you use and who would you recommend?
  18. Homebirth/Freebirth Options and Stories for Isolated Women
  19. Nutting out my options
  20. Doula in gold coast/Brisbane area?
  21. October Traditional Midwifery Workshop in Melbourne
  22. Having an OB for "insurance"
  23. 'Participatory Medicine' - why you should know about it (and won't if you're pregnant)
  24. I got in first! Countering the horror stories
  25. Midwife recommendation in Sydney?
  26. Is freebirth realistic for me?
  27. some questions......
  28. Birthing in Brazil
  29. In need of reassurance
  30. Feeling Scared
  31. dream shattered..
  32. What would you say to the first time birthing you if you could?
  33. What the f*ck am I supposed to do???
  34. Update on legal situation and thanks
  35. What is the cost of an average public hospital birth?
  36. links to studies
  37. Inductions increase caesareans.
  38. What drugs did you get in hospital?
  39. UPDATE ON MY "SAGA"... my doc visit
  40. Doula hunting :-)
  41. Long post - debrief with some questions thrown in.
  42. Australian Maternity Outcomes Surveillance System (AMOSS)
  43. Maternal mortality: What can we learn from stories of postpartum haemorrhage?
  44. In which model of care did your caesarean occur?
  45. Not preg yet, but will be ttc in a few months..... Homebirth pointers please
  46. So how do I pay for this?
  47. How to organise myself?
  48. Gobsmacked!
  49. Help for friend being told baby is 'too small' at 31 weeks?
  50. How do I find a HB midwife?
  51. Friends of the Birth Centre Sunshine Coast
  52. This is why I am a homebirth mum
  53. "Honey, we're having a homebirth."
  54. Homebirth planning in Melbourne
  55. birthing kit?
  56. Book recommendations please
  57. Doula needed in Melbourne, woman is 38 weeks now...
  58. Isolated Homebirth or travel to the city?
  59. Why would I use a doula?
  60. Cord ties
  61. Help for a friend needing a birth attendant in Brisbane
  62. What normalised home birth for you?
  63. Considering Freebirthing
  64. South Eastern Melbourne Doula Recommendations
  65. Questions to ask potential Midwife for HBAC
  66. REALLY severe backpain last time I homebirthed
  67. opinion on this IM??
  68. "Freebirthing" your First Child.
  69. Health Fund Rebates
  70. Registering your baby, receiving Baby Bonus, FTB, etc-
  71. Illegal for doula to be present without a midwife?
  72. Husband traumatised so now I birth in a hospital - How?
  73. New moderator
  74. Why did you choose freebirth?
  75. I don't get it....