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  1. 2nd Thoughts - hypertension + PIH
  2. Midwives servicing outer northern Brisbane
  3. DR Chris Hughes at North Eastern Hospital
  4. Why is an obstetric-managed birth like buying an SUV?
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  6. Midwives/ Homebirthing in Canberra
  7. Miss Manners question
  8. Have you experienced coersion/refusal/disregard of your stated wishes? **TRIGGER**
  9. MJA homebirth study 2010
  10. Water for birthing pool, Help??
  11. "Normal" transfer rate
  12. Safer childbirth: a critical history of maternity care. Third edition. Marjorie Tew
  13. Reading birth and death: a history of obstetric thinking
  14. maternal deaths in Australia and around the world
  15. Student Doula looking for clients - Perth SOR
  16. A JB House in New Zealand
  17. how much will your baby weigh?
  18. Necessary/Unnecessary: a round of birth stories
  19. Midwife in Mareeba/ Cairns area?
  20. Canadian caesarean rate
  21. US caesarean rate state breakdown
  22. can someone point me in the right direction ....
  23. Home? Hospital? Still wondering?
  24. IM recommendation for Central Coast area
  25. Mercy Birth Centre Policy
  26. Stupid obstetric "studies"
  27. Are vets smarter than obstetricians?
  28. Want to borrow: Ina May
  29. A sample of US consent forms to obstetric procedures
  30. So what does it all mean?
  31. Midwifery Today is on homebirth this edition!
  32. Whats the saying? Doctors bury their mistakes?
  33. I'm looking for a website that someone linked to...
  34. forms and freebirthing
  35. my journey...
  36. independent midwives in bright area???
  37. A question for the MWs and doulas of JB
  38. homebirth 7 X higher mortality rate
  39. How do hospitals really work?
  40. IM recommendations in Canberra
  41. Difficulties finding a local midwife, WWYD?
  42. perinatal stats QLD 2008 - nearly 50% c/s private hospitals
  43. Question for midwives re: client history
  44. vaginal birth (and breech) hospital protocol samples
  45. Info sheets: natural birth, hospital birth
  46. Panicky Births: Why I Wouldn't Give Birth In A Hospital (Had I a Uterus)
  47. URGENT: Home Birth Midwife Recommendation Needed in Narangba Caboolture QLD
  48. Has the medicalisation of childbirth gone too far?
  49. Western Sydney hospy options and St George homebirth program
  50. Fear of the 'I told you so'...
  51. What kind of midwife "doesn't do" breech
  52. I didn't realise how badly I wanted it until he told me I couldn't.
  53. N/E Melbourne IM recs please :)
  54. Hubbys problem
  55. irrational fears
  56. why water?
  57. Choosing Home Birth
  58. A lot of good reasons to birth at home
  59. How did all you women find your MW?
  60. 'Know your midwife' on the Sunshine Coast?
  61. Looking for Advice!
  62. What would you say to this OB?
  63. How to register a freebirth (in QLD)
  64. The perils of hospital birth - a necessary blog
  65. In need of reasurance PLEASE
  66. children involed in birth when their carer is terrified
  67. Waterbed heater for birth pool?
  68. Having a homebirth.... next time.
  69. Keen to breastfeed? Have a homebirth!
  70. Can you help? House wanted Perth Dec/Jan hols
  71. a new fear - placenta accreta
  72. no particular space for birthing
  73. Birth assistant wanted - ex/retired mw's????
  74. Conscious birth and mama radio show
  75. birthing spa?